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6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Daulat Ram College’s Annual Lit Fest-Novella’17

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NOVELLA’17, the ever peppy and convivial Literature fest brought in by the chirpy girls troop of Daulat Ram College. A chance for all the bibliophiles and perky folks to come forth and thrill in the most lively fest of 2k17.

Still planning to miss it?

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Don’t take a chance and mark your days now!! Hop on to the reasons why you would definitely not take the risk to miss this:


How can you have a gala without toothsome bites? Name the grub and they have it ready for you, relish any appetizing meal that soothes your tongue. No worries if you’re broke, they are at hand with all sorts of varieties. Come and have it full!

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Roll in to enjoy with the ever fun-frolic games that you would not wish to pass by. They are all set with the games and goodies awaiting for you.  Stand by the booth and play it on!

Beg Borrow Steal

How can you even plan to miss the fun of winning a goodie by surrendering another’s tangibles? Get set & run to either beg, borrow or steal to take the prize!

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Photo Booth


Excited now? Yeah, they have a booth awaiting to capture your festivities. So dress up, doll up and pitch in to make merry!


Wanna brandish your literature knowledge and poetic pulse? Showcase your calibre and bestow upon the idols like Muses, Shakespeare, Dickens.. Step in and outcast the wordsmith within you.

Theatre Performance

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Miss Daulat Ram College's Annual Lit Fest-Novella'17


Does masquerade thrills you? Yeah, they have it ready for you too. The facades and put-ons are all up to expose the theatre performance.

Grapple on Novella’s door to delight in the most gratifying events, blazon your skills, smack the ever delectable food and win goodies!!

Mark your calendars as Novella is approaching soon!!

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