What are you-A Traveller Or A Tourist?

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“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” – Freya Stark

‘Hey, we have the next two days¬†to ourselves. Let’s hit Tirthan Valley¬†or probably Pangot?’ This is something you will hear from a traveller rather than a tourist. Travellers are always up for an adventure. They don’t need a whole month of planning and packing for a two-day trip. They just hold on to their backpacks and are ready to tackle the obstacles coming their way. You tell them about this new exotic place you have heard about and you find that they are already on the adventure you are longing for. For travellers it’s all about knowing the culture, being one with the locals and adapting to their lifestyle. They don’t mind staying at a stranger’s house. Infact, they look for things which are challenging. And why not? Things like these are what makes it all the more fun and exciting, leaving behind thousands of moments to look back at.

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A tourist on the other hand books a cab or ticket well in advance. He/she has probably cancelled the plan twice before finally getting out of the busy schedule and going on that much needed trip. He/she has a whole bag packed with luxurious things and the best of clothes. Tourists visit the sights for pictures and just for the sake of sight seeing. You’ll always find them at a¬†place which is much hyped about with tons of other tourists at the same spot. Frankly speaking, tourists¬†stick to major places instead of venturing to smaller towns or off the beaten path locales.

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So who do you want to be? A traveller or a tourist?

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