Ad-Hoc Teachers Hunger Strike Enters Ninth Day

The indefinite hunger strike by teachers entered its ninth day today and is being discussed widely in the campus.The movement is gaining momentum with each passing day.The demand of absorption of ad-hoc teachers in University of Delhi is long pending.The two day complete shutdown earlier this week also sent a strong message.

As a student, there is a good chance that you’re unaware of what this protest is about and what are the demands of protesting teachers.In a nutshell, the ad-hoc teachers are demanding the same benefits which a permanent teacher gets in the University and also permanent employment.

At the dharma spot, many female ad-hoc teachers shared their pain and experience they went through in absence of any maternity, childcare leave and several other exploitations they face being an ad-hoc teacher.

Ad-Hoc Teachers Hunger Strike Enters Ninth Day

According to the protesting teachers, no one from the University of Delhi or Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has contacted them yet.

More than 4500 teachers are working on ad-hoc basis in different colleges and departments of the University. These teachers have been working from the past several years and contributing in academic and extra-academic growth of the respective institutions.

Despite several advertisements and Delhi High Court’s order to fill the posts on permanent basis and assurances from HRD Minister, the vacant posts couldn’t be filled. At this juncture, adhoc teachers are left with no other option then to intensify the demand of their absorption on these posts through a one time ordinance from MHRD. Several adhoc teachers, elected teachers representatives, permanent teachers and staff associations of the colleges have lent their support to the justified demand and joined the hunger strike.” said¬†Dr. Gyan Prakash, one of the protesting ad-hoc teacher.

For many female adhocs, academics, activism and motherhood have to go together for the sake of their own existence. The desperation is all-pervasive in their actions. They bring their kids to the dharna, manage time with husbands, continuously keep in touch with their families informing them about their whereabouts just to keep this movement going.They are a perfect example of striking balance between career and family.

We stand with the protesting teachers and hope that their demands are met soon.

Founder | DU Express ; Delhi College of Arts & Commerce'17


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