A Night Long Protest,Poor Facilities & An Atmosphere Of Fear : Welcome To Daulat Ram College Hostel

Daulat Ram College’s Student Union 2018-19 has been surrounded with controversies right from the election result day.

Diksha Verma won the post of President in Daulat Ram College Student Union last year but her victory was soon questioned by Sonia Sehrawat who lost the Presidential post to Diksha.Sonia alleged malfunctioning in the EVM and raised a question mark on the mandate, this was followed by a week long protest in the college.

Yesterday, Sonia Sehrawat in a Facebook post announced that she has been appointed as the ‘Co President’ of Daulat Ram College Students Union by the Governing Body Chairman.This wasn’t taken well with Diksha Verma’s supporters who planned a protest at college today against this decision.


In a surprising turn of events, the Daulat Ram College Principal today released a notice where she clarified that elections have taken place in a fair and unbiased manner.The notice also mentioned that there was no discrepancy in counting of votes.The notice further went on to mention the names of Student Union members which didn’t recognise Sonia Sehrawat as the Co-President.

The notice has caused even more confusion because Sonia Sehrawat in her latest Facebook post questioned the validity of this notice this since Governing Body Chairman was looking into the matter and no order has been passed quashing yesterday’s order.She went on to question those challenging her appointment by asking them three questions.


The notice released by Principal was shared on Facebook by the current President of Daulat Ram College Student Union who called the appointment a ‘false news’ but the notice shared doesn’t mention anything about the appointment letter released by Sonia Sehrawat yesterday.


Talking to DU Express, Diksha Verma, President of Daulat Ram College rubbished the claims made by Sonia Sehrawat and pointed out that the Chairperson took a decision she was never authorised to take and her use of college letterhead was wrong.She said she will go to any extent to safeguard the mandate of students and is even willing to the court in case the Chairperson misuses her position.

“There is no post of Co-President mentioned in the constitution of Delhi University and the appointment letter is in itself laughable.” said Diksha.

“President of a college is elected and not appointed, the reason why Principal and Student Advisory Board hasn’t quashed the order of Chairperson is due to the fact that they don’t recognise it as a valid order in the first place.” she further said.

At the time of publishing this article, we didn’t receive any response from Sonia Sehrawat to our questions.This space will be updated as and when she responds to us on this matter.

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