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BarOMeeter : The Answer To All Your Party Prayers

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Ever been in the situation, where you need to hang out with your friends but it’s the end of the month, you’re low on cash and it’s hard to convince all of your friends to meet at the same time? You end up at the bar alone and feel the need to meet someone and socialize but you can’t find the appropriate opening to do so. What if there was an app that could help you sail through these party problems smoothly?
Meet BarOMeeter, the name says it all! The app and website has been designed keeping in mind the youth and our love for socializing and exploring new places. Baromeeter provides us with pocket friendly deals redeemable at bars and restaurants that are youth-friendly and happening. What’s best is that we don’t have to pay the whole amount online before using the deal. Just book the deal online for a price as low as Rs. 100, redeem the deal at any of the listed cafés and pay at the café after using the deal.
The app also has a built in “Check-In” feature wherein you can interact with other members who are nearby, which solves the problem of the initial awkwardness we all experience while interacting with someone new.  If you already have your gang by your side, the check-in option can be used to check out the ongoing real-time deals at the café.

Like all students, I usually get myself stuck in situations, where in my financial resources have thinned out and all my friends are too busy to hang out. As a result of the deals I picked up off Baromeeter, I was able to hang out and have a good time and guess what, I have a new group of friends now too! Does all of this sound too good to be true? Don’t take my word for it, check out the app yourself and you’ll be too busy socializing to even remember all of the problems you faced before being introduced to Baromeeter!

Guest Writer : Soujanya Narsipur

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