How To Beat That Inferiority Complex?


School has always been a place of love and tenderness, one of protection and care. The harsh reality sets sin once the giant wheel takes its turn to throw us in an unknown direction, with a whole new   bunch of people, to have an extremely different experience. Now that’s quite a known fact that the phase of College is the stepping stone in this completely new world, ready to whirl and swing the hell out of your life.

Well, in this “rush-rush”, not everyone is able to keep up with the pace. Just like when you start learning how to type. Initially, the QWERTY keypad and the functions keys seem alien to you. Slowly as you start exploring it and try out new keys, you develop an understanding of their functions. This “familiarity” that you gain overtime is what I’m talking about.  

Try this activity. On a scale of 10, how much would you rate your familiarity with your own self? That’s where you’ll get your answer. Adjustment would bring along feelings of anxiety, stress, adrenaline rush, panic and so on. But a commonly seen implication of these symptoms is the “new feeling of inferiority complex”. Definitely there are a whole lot of people out there who are better than you in many ways. The question is, “What are you best at?”

Here are the 5 Es that can help you to deal with your inferiority complex

   1. Explore

100 rYou wouldn’t be here living this life, if this world wasn’t discovered. Had Newton been too lazy to notice the how the apple fell from the tree, you would have still considered it magic. Had Archimedes been a dead head, the bathtub water coming out as you jumped into it would have remained a mystery even now. Come on guys, we are living in the 21st century, with someone discovering something new every day. Exploring your own self isn’t that tough a task, I guess.

 2. Educate

100.1Along with exploring and trying out new stuff, it is all the more necessary to have proper knowledge of what you are doing and why are you doing it. Just randomly trying a headstand, because to want to explore your flexibility, would do nothing more than multiple injuries on the head or breaking a leg.

 3. Eliminate

100.3‘Do you want to swim?’, “No”.  ‘Do you want to cook?’, “Yes”. Be sure to have a yes or no as your answer to all such questions. Answers like, ‘Maybe’ or ‘I don’t know’ indicate self doubt. Eliminate the unwanted elements from your life, b e it a demotivating relative or demoralising test result. Elimination here means by face them and proving them wrong. Take your failure in stride, because “aapse behtar aapko koi nahi jaanta”.

4. Evaluate

100.4Evaluate is one of most misunderstood words of English language. So the first step is to flush out any such knowledge that states that comparison and evaluation are synonymous. Once you are clear on this, begin self evaluation. There is no better judge for you than your own self. Simple day to day questions like, “Are you sure I can perform on stage”, or “Do you think it is a pretty picture to upload” etc. should be answered by you without external help. Once you start doing that, you will gain confidence in your decisions.  And yet again I repeat, under any circumstances, DO NOT COMPARE!!

5. Efficacy

100.5Lastly, but most importantly, develop the belief that you are the BEST. Don’t start bragging and walk with an air of “I’m the best” all of a sudden. Take time and go with the flow.  Self-efficacy and self worth are really important.  When I was in this situation, a song changed my world. Whether a music lover or not, you have to listen to this inspirational song called “Scars to your beautiful” by Alessia Cara. I say Google it right away and do share your experience with us.

My cousin cracked the IAS, my sister is a successful entrepreneur, my best friend is singing sensation, and my batch mates are all into great fields. So what? Who knows, maybe someday, a photographer in you rises and they die to shoot with you or the journalist in you screams out to you one fine day and you turn their worlds topsy-turvy. Nothing can go wrong if the attitude is right.

Why do you see the glass half- empty, when you can see it half filled too?


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