Best casino-themed Bollywood movies to enjoy

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Bollywood is having an affinity towards casinos. There are so many gambling movies that you can enjoy. Whether you prefer a good action movie, drama, or romance, you can find the thing that works for you. We know that India has many professionals in the field, so movies are about young people with extraordinary skills that happen to go off course. Go through this list of movie recommendations and find the ones you like the most. They are very popular in Bollywood, so don’t miss them! 

Teen Patti

When you like to enjoy a good thriller, don’t miss Teen Patti. The movie is a combination of casinos and mathematics made extraordinarily. Venkat is a proven mathematician that is looking for a way to win the big jackpots. He has his own theories when it comes to winning. The ideas get tested on online sites such as, before going out to real casinos. Then, Venkat and his team go under disguise and win big in casinos. Of course, casino owners don’t like this, and things start getting tricky.


The movie is based on real-life events, so the story is awe-inspiring. Surya is a young boy that had difficulties in life. He is introduced to carrom, a game that will change his life. The player is considered a wonder, as he won the championship at only 12 years of age. He finds out that he is skilled enough for the job, so he enters the underground world of carrom. There are many risks connected with this, as Surya is noticed by the owners of betting consortium.


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Pandey is a lazy policeman, which gets assigned a challenging task. During working, he exposes gambling and smuggling criminals. The gangsters feel like they want revenge for this, as the policeman revealed their illegal business. Then, he quits his job and enters the gambling world. For this, he will pay the price.


If you want to watch an excellent romantic drama with elements of casinos, this is it. Arjun is a young man with excellent gambling skills. He uses this to earn a few bucks. Soon, he starts with cricket ambling and makes a fortune. The main character is gambling day and night to become rich.  His dedication to betting leaves no time for his partner Zoya. His life and relationship start to fall apart, as he goes deeper into the business. He chooses to become members of the mafia, so things get complicated from here. 

The Great Gambler

Jai is a professional gambler that knows how to play. He never loses a single game, so his style of playing attracts casino owners. His talent is spotted by gangsters, who want to get him in the business. The idea is to trick people for their money, to which Jai agrees. He isn’t aware of what will happen next further the plot. The movie is an excellent motivation for beginner players, so don’t miss it. 

Final thoughts

These were the top 5 casino-themed Bollywood movies. They all have the same casino themes, but you can pick the genre you like the most.  It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or expert in playing. You will find movies exciting and motivating. Who knows, you might as well pick a few gambling tricks straight from the pros. The leading characters have extraordinary abilities and skills, so use this to learn something new and apply to your playing style. Despite for having a thrilling movie night, you will get to improve your skills and see how others do it. 

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