BFF : Best Friends Forever,You Sure?

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COLLEGE – A¬†place we all fantasize about in our high school years. We expect so much from our college. Don’t we? We all have one definition of a “ cool college life¬†” which includes parties, night and most importantly a huge group of people (which we term as best friends) to do all this with.

But trust me college is much more than this. It makes you a wiser person. When you begin with college,you are immature,fussy and stubborn but when you leave,you are a calmer and peaceful version of yourself.

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In this long journey we make friends too. A lot of friends to be honest and yeah some best friends as well. There are people we hang out with,bunk classes ,go to pubs and often confuse them with BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.

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For a month or two. It will all be good. It might go well for even a semester. You start thinking that these folks will be with you for life. But its all an illusion.

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When people meet new people,their preferences change which does not go well with us. At least people like me cannot be okay with the fact that my best friend has another best friend and I know most of you all are like that too. Insecurity starts developing. Some people talk it out and resolve while others (including me) just stay quiet and drift.

We start realizing that the concept of FOREVER is delusional. A group that was huge enough to bring a storm in the class, Splits.

The whole process of meeting new people,being friends with them,making memories and the drifting makes us a better person. In this whole process you will find two or three people who will actually be there when you need them. Just don’t lose them.

In the end all I’d advice you is to be vocal about what you feel. Let people know what is going on in your head. Believe me,this can save a lot of friendships and relationships.

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