Book Review : ‘Equations Of A Being-A Being Who Gathered Moss’ By Ashutosh Gupta

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The book opens up with the line “As long as I am writing, I am on the verge of a homecoming”, which very much prepares the readers for something intriguing.

‘Equations of A Being: A Being who gathered moss’, as the blurb says, is a collection of the author’s thought pieces pertaining to be the existential spectrum. It is a wonderfully crafted piece of art with exceptionally well written thoughts in the form of quotations and verses, which will leave you spellbound. The book traverses the trajectory of different stages of a being in a deep, subtle and insightful way.

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Book Review : ‘Equations Of A Being-A Being Who Gathered Moss’ By Ashutosh Gupta

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The writer stands tall amongst the tallest of writers in his artful sense of expression and imaginative Symbolism, drenched with high standards of emotional quotient. It’s an unusual book with unconventional content filled with unique expressionsfor all kinds of readers. Book deals with deeply humanist undertones, with profound deliberations and bold observations along with a few unbranded sections on women.It’s full of Virtues that will excite reader‚Äôs veneration for both writer and his work alike.

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In the words of the author himself “Over a span of seven years, writing has helped me forage for my sincerity and genuineness. In writing alone, I have found them all concentrated. This seven years of continuity is the only thing which holds the equations of my existential hues. ‘Equations of a Being’ is a raw and a fervent reflection of this continuity”

The idea behind the book rests on the joy of revisiting and rediscovering. This book has the capacity to realign the thoughts of readersand affect them cumulatively. The most delightful part is the rich use of language which is both succinct in expression and towering in exploration. The awareness of the writer about the less explored human huesis certainly impressive.

These are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

“The more I write, the more I am convinced of the fact that ecstasy is a lethal dampener of a man’s yearning to find subtlety and the melting human within.”

“The life of a being that owns the flashes of genius but lacks the consistency of talent becomes more of a wait than a progression”

“Passing a judgement on a being is the limitation of mind. Passing a judgement on life is the limitation of mortality”

This is a book which should be read in one go because it‚Äôs rather interesting and so interesting that in spite of not being a lucrative fiction, it holds much of the thing called charm. All in all, it is safe to say that the author has shared a tremendous world within him, by sharing ‘Equations of a Being’, knowing well enough that this world was incomplete or maybe was on the verge of completeness. The honor of achieving that completeness has been left for the devourers of literature.

Book Review : ‘Equations Of A Being-A Being Who Gathered Moss’ By Ashutosh Gupta

Overall, I would like to rate the book as 4.5 out of 5.0

I Certainly recommend to all literature lovers out there!

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