Campus Ambassador Internship At Cuddll - Only For Mumbai & Bengaluru Students

Company Description : Cuddll is a social discovery/networking application for individuals looking to come together with people who share similar interests and are located around. It is the most effective way of making friends. Meet awesome people while you do things you love. It is a mobile app available on Google Play & Apple App Store. It provides users with a social networking platform with a vision to move the social discovery culture from profile picture based virtual social interaction to interest-based real social connections.

Duration : 30 Days

Job Description : The primary work of the intern would revolve around increasing engagement and users on the Cuddll application.A detailed Job Description will be provided to you later highlighting all the job roles.

Perks : Every successful intern will be rewarded through a Monetary Stipend,a Certificate of Internship and a Letter of Recommendation.

Please note : This internship is open only to college students studying in Mumbai or Bengaluru.

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