frainz campus leaders internship du express

Company Description : Frainz is an online social helping hand where one can share information or ask for help from the people nearby.It provides liberty to share your ideas,work,events or social activity among the people around you.It let you connect to the people nearest to you.

Intern Position : Campus Leaders

Intern Role : Promote Frainz on campus! Introduce our product to students in your college.
Facilitate the process flow and help conducting marketing campaigns in your college.
Be in charge of Customer Acquisition and Operations in your campus.
Work as a freelancer in college. spend only 1-2 hours per day. Minimum internship is 2 months.

Whats on offer : Receive personal and professional development in an encouraging and challenging environment.
A Letter of recommendation at the successful completion of your term.
Frainz Swag (Includes cash reward based on performance).
Develop your interpersonal, communication and leadership skills.
Become part of a diverse and motivated team.
The opportunity for an internship at Frainz.
Be an official representative of the brand.
Start Up Experience.


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