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The much awaited Common Admission Test 2016 (CAT 2016) results were declared today morning around 12 PM.Common Admission Test is the entrance test which is conducted by Indian Management Institutes (IIM’s) every year and is accepted by most of the B Schools in India.The total number of test takers of CAT 2016 was around 1.95 lakh.

This year the test was conducted by IIM-Bangalore and the test was of Moderate-Difficult level.VA-RC section in both the slots was slightly easier than CAT 2015 while DI-LR section’s nature was changed completely this year and students struggled to score well in this section.QA section in Slot-2 was easier in comparison to Slot-1.99 percentile was secured by 140+ scaled this year with the highest score in CAT 2016 is said to be 241.

More than 37,000 CAT takers scored less than 0 in the Quantitative Ability (QA) section.The number of candidates who got an overall ‘zero’ or ‘less than zero’ marks in CAT 2016 is more than 14,000.While 56,000 students scored zero or negative marks in Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation (LR-DI) section.

20 candidates have scored overall 100 percentile this year. Interestingly,they are all male and engineers.Prof Rajendra K Bandi,Convener, CAT 2016, said “However, in the sectionals, many non-engineers and female candidates have scored 100 percentile.”

We at DU Express hope you scored a nice percentile in CAT 2016 and will get admitted into your dream B School this year.


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