Chasing the Clichéd Life

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What if Cinderella didn’t have such a convenient angel in her fairy godmother? What if snow white was tanned and not so fair? Or what if snow white came back from the dead not because of some handsome sparkling prince kissing her but because of the affection and love of her little dwarves?

As little girls we are often fed with clichéd stories of handsome princes and pretty princesses falling in love at first sight and living happily ever after. As teenagers, we indulge ourselves in even deeper banality of sturdy seductive vampires and hot headed werewolves that we actually start believing in them. Believing that all it takes to be beautiful is to have a pretty face. Believing that a handsome jock in high school would fall in love with you and everything would be perfect.

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Now, all this might seem innocuous but these clichés in our everyday lives corrupt our perception of what happiness is or what a beautiful person is like or what love is, for that matter! These clichés imprint a false idea of what our life should be like, as a result of which even the happiest people in life are left feeling somewhat unsatisfied and ungrateful.These ideas creep into the dark corners of our mind and leave us feeling bitter and shallow for not being the kind of perfect person that we see in others. And what’s worse than wanting something besides knowing that you can never have it?

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Chasing the clichés in our lives we often end up missing on the good things that pass us by. You know when can we be truly content? When we have our own idea of what happiness is. When we know what beauty is. When we start looking for prettiness on the inside rather than on the outside. When that beautiful girl at school falls in love with a wallflower. When we stop chasing after a life that is guided by the thought of others than your own.

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