Christmas,New Year & Winter Break 2019

Unique Christmas Traditions Around The World

Ready or not, Gift giving season is here. (What are you planning on gifting?) 

We know that finding that perfect present for someone isn’t always merry and bright but don’t get your candy canes in a bunch.

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College students returning home are welcomed with open arms, parental goodwill not letting them flinch at the mountain of dirty clothes and dorm stuff they drag and leave into front hallways (you should definitely look in the eyes of the maid, she can eat you alive). But as their down time is over winter break drags on, the feeling of getting done with one more semester is so satisfying and relaxing for everyone, followed by Christmas (being a big fat lover) and new year celebrations. The aura is so perfect and rejuvenates the cells on it’s own. I definitely missed the fighting over sleeping arrangements and the food and also getting teased by my elder siblings (it’s okay and bad if you don’t have one).

Looking into the offerings at your own college, what they are offering, the upcoming fests being organized by the societies and the internship opportunities laid down by the placement cells is what half of the strength is looking for. This is also the perfect time for making or planning on what you should be doing ahead, being some specific course or preparing for masters.

Don’t worry! Even I am so baffled about my plans too. God save me!¬†My family is always up for making plans to go around and end up being unfruitful. What type of a family do you have?¬†Let’s talk about Christmas.

Do you like it? What is about liking it, I feel it’s this month of December which has the power of putting a cherry to your cake. Baking some ginger bread cookies, fetching some fairy lights into your room, the month of Thanksgiving, pour some wine and building upon faith.¬†(Oh wait! The month of recalling the lessons learned this year, mine would be more than 10. Tell me yours? Bitter or sweet?)

How about your new year resolutions, are they ready? The old one’s, I know are long gone.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year¬†(don’t forget to put your stockings tonight!).


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