A clash broke out between ABVP members and a group of Delhi University teachers when they were protesting at Daulat Ram College demanding better infrastructure and other facilities. According to Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA), members of ABVP led by DUSU President Satender Awana,allegedly attacked the teachers and started abusing them, a charge which has been denied by Satender Awana. The two groups have also filed police complaints of verbal abuse and misbehaviour against each other.

“The two groups were protesting at the VC office when they had a verbal argument. Local police was present there and controlled the situation. ABVP in its complaint has alleged that some of people present in the protest raised anti-India slogans with regard to Kashmir while DUTA alleged that ABVP members called them Naxals,” a senior police official told India News.

“Awana also abused DUTA president Nandita Narain with extremely objectionable language and called her a Naxal. We want an exemplary action be taken by university authorities to prevent further recurrence of such acts of violence and lumpenism,” said a DUTA member.

Founder | DU Express ; Delhi College of Arts & Commerce'17


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