College:How to choose one?

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Board exams- Over.
Board exams result- Received.
What next- College.

This is the current situation of most of the students reading this right now. Don’t worry guys, everything will be alright. You WILL find a college with whatever marks you’ve got. I’ve listed down a few factors that should be kept in mind before selecting a college. Hope it helps.

1. Faculty

The backbone of every college is its faculty. Without a good faculty, a college cannot be called a ‘good’ college. Therefore, before joining any college try to find out how the faculty there is. You can do so by:

(A) Checking the college’s website.

(B) Asking students who are currently studying or have recently graduated from that college.

2. Course

Do not go to a college because it has a brand name. Find out if the college you wish to be in offers the course you want to study. If you go to the college because it’s one of the ‘top’ colleges in the country but study a course that you do not have any interest in, my friend, you are going to regret your decision right when you step into the college. You will have to study the subject that you dislike (in depth) for three years. Yikes!!

3. Extra-curricular activities

Extra curricular activities are as important as academics. Before selecting a college, find out if that college encourages extra curricular activities. Also find out if your particular area of interest is promoted in that college or not.

These are the primary factors to be kept in mind while selecting a college. Following are the secondary factors which must not be ignored.

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4. Infrastructure

Nope, I’m not saying that go to a college that has fancy buildings, a food court, a mall and so on in its campus. All I’m saying is that go to a college that has enough infrastructure for you to be able to spend your college life without any hassle.

5. Location

While selecting a college, its location does matter to a great extent. In most of the colleges in DU, a lot of students get a break of 1/2/3 hours between their classes atleast once in the day. If there are no hangout spots near that college, some students decide to wait in the canteen whereas others decide to miss the class and go back home.

6. Distance

If you are a student who belongs to the city where the college is located, then it is important to keep the distance between the college and your residence in mind. It is also necessary to see what mode of transportation you will have to use to travel everyday.
If you are an outstation student, you will have to see the distance between your p.g./flat and the college. Also, it is important to see how far the market is from your your p.g./flat and if is it safe to stay in that particular area.

Choosing a course over a college or a college over a course is a popular question that arises while choosing a college. Remember, whatever you choose will have a long term impact on your life. So make the decision wisely. All the best!

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