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College Diaries : Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC) Delhi University

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In compliance with the innovative schemes of MHRD and National Innovation Council, Delhi University felt the need for a creative and project-oriented curriculum to tailor the needs of the industry. This led to the launch of first of its kind, Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC) to act as an innovation hub for development of ideas and application of such ideas for benefit of the society.


CIC offers undergraduate and post-graduate degree programs in Design Innovation, namely, B. Tech (Mathematical Innovations and IT), M. Sc. (Mathematics Education), a meta university concept and B. A. Honors. (Humanities and Social Sciences), being a meta college concept. Instead of prescribing a fixed course structure, CIC gives its students the opportunity to design his/her own degree emphasizing virtual learning, internships and hands-on projects completely different from sole class-room learning.

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CIC has a small but a beautiful campus, situated near VC lawns. As described by a CIC student, “My first day at CIC, I was in AWE! The doors were like those of some 5-Star hotels! Being a part of CIC feels amazing. This isn’t a school, but more like a camp, a place where your seniors teach you some things, that they had learned from their seniors and so on… We have a Robotics Lab, where we work on drones, 3-D printers (which is a miracle to many colleges), and what not! We get to talk with the most eminent professors across the nation.”

The infrastructure is really great! As described by a student, “We have air-conditioned classrooms, each with a biometric lock for security reasons. We have laptops in our classrooms, ‘cause, B. tech.! We require it all the time. The canteen, also air-conditioned has its own Wi-Fi router. We have each of our desks equipped with LAN cable slot, the speed clocks at 110 mbps! Pretty high! Also, the Mac Lab! Macintosh all around! ”

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“The food, let’s forget the food! LPG is not allowed inside the building and so, we get only microwave meals, or sometimes induction cooked. The Library might be way too small, for you, as an outsider, but it fits accordingly to the requirement of students, not to forget access to Central Science Library and Central Research Library.

The teaching staff is fairly good. They‚Äôre normally holding their PhD’s from IIT’s.¬†But our learning process is mostly on our own, through video lectures or research. ‚Äú

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Campus, CIC, DU


Amazingly, CIC’s website was built by its own students. They’ve also worked on other DU colleges and are currently working on Daulat Ram College’s website. Also, CIC students have the highest ratio of grabbing GSOC; an eminent internship programme under Google. They are considered as the research fellows in DU, and get privileges like those of Post Grad students, like access to the Central Science Library, Central Research Library, and more. Even the hostel seats are reserved in Post Graduation Hostel of Delhi University.

As compared to other colleges, CIC has more workload. The syllabus is never defined, 6 projects have to be submitted each semester, some yearlong projects related to programming and stimulations have to be worked upon. There might not be a lot of relaxation time, but if you love what you’re doing, everything is amazingly fun!

In a nutshell, the CIC is the place to go if you’re driven by innovation, if you’re not into mugging books, if you strive to stream ideas and do research and if you have zeal to stand out of the crowd. If you’re in love with engineering, the burden of studies would soon turn into a crown on your head!

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