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College Diaries: Faculty of Arts

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Faculty of arts is in the heart of north campus but yet unknown to some.

Knee-jerk reaction- Where Is It? is what we hear from people.
Oh yes ! it’s a place which exists.It’s real.It exists and still one needs a landmark like SRCC or Law Faculty to reach Arts Faculty.

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Arts Faculty is well known for master courses so it’s out of the blue for some that faculty offers language courses for graduation as well.


•Advanced Diploma
•Certificate courses in language and literature

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Faculty offers plenty of courses so there are specialized departments for each courses :
•Buddhist Studies
•Germanic & Romance studies
•Library & information science
•Modern indian Languages and literary studies


Faculty looks like the building of Red fort but it’s one of the most beautiful places in the North campus which is well maintained,is neat and tidy .

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There is a library, big enough to do the justice for the requirements of all the students as well as teachers and a Central library but only Post Grads,M.Phil,Ph.D,Research Associates, Students and Teachers are eligible for the membership of the library.

Moreover, there is an EOC (Equal opportunity cell ) which puts an end to racism on the basis of ethnicity and other ascribed characteristics.


College canteen,popularly known as Law Faculty canteen is one of the place where you get the taste like home and at cheaper prices.Also,the holistic canteen serves you the same way and at the least price possible.


One can always spend time in cafes or enjoy street food at Hudson Lane or Kamla Nagar. To spend some alone time and to feel the environment,Bonta is a place one must visit .

Faculty of Arts is one the place that helps you to interact with all sort of people from all different departments while enjoying mentioned sasti masti .

Faculty of Arts is like a mother which always welcome you with open arms even if you’re not a student you will always find a place in her heart to feel the beauty.

Nearest metro station: Vishwa Vidyalaya

How To Reach : 5-7 mins walk from the Metro Station or just ‚Çπ10 E-rickshaw ride .

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