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Go To DU For One, Two, Three Or Even Four Years

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DU’s relationship with four-year programs has always been rocky. There have always been discussions about its implementation, but these have always fallen through. In 2013, the university did go as far as making it official, before cancelling it again that very year. 

So when DU came up with plans this past Tuesday to bring back four year (and also one and two-year) UG programs, people were skeptical. Now, the plan is to make the shift from the next academic session i.e. 2022-23. 

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In a meeting on August 26, the Delhi University Academic Council, after much deliberation, approved the implementation of the new provisions of National Education Policy (NEP) and the four-year Graduate Program (FYUP). 

DU Changes Curriculum Duration 

The four-year undergrad program will allow students to attend college in an offline-online hybrid system. Students will be subjected to a credit system, similar to what the university has today. But the new system will allow them to bank their credits if they wish to continue further studies in future. The idea is that students can complete one year of study and receive a certificate. Then they can leave after the second year and get a diploma. Finally, they can finish the third or fourth years and have a degree in their name. 

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Students will also be permitted to choose their subjects and shuffle their papers. According to Dr. Vikas Gupta, the registrar of the University: (via a quote from The Print)

“The four-year undergraduate programme has been approved by the Academic Council with the suggestion that reshuffling of papers will be allowed with prior permission.” 

Lateral entry from the next academic session will also be an option. Students can change colleges in the midst of their respective courses.

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There were some members opposed to this policy, and their dissent was only recorded and debated at this session on Tuesday. Reportedly, 16 out of the 26 members have issues with this implementation and their complaints had this to say:

“The University of Delhi has not asked for detailed feedback of the report of the NEP implementation from all stakeholders including members of all relevant statutory bodies.” 

They further reveal that the “out and in” Entry and Exit scheme policy of the NEP will massively increase their workload. It would also give students the opportunity to bank or store non-core credits. What that means is students would have the right amount of credits but in subjects that don’t concern their degree. 

More About The Four Year Degree

A 3-year undergrad degree is special to India and as a result, it has low recognition in the eyes of foreign institutes. It reduces the chances of students being accepted at foreign universities. Keeping in mind all of this, the move from a three to four undergrad program is potent. 

According to the NEP, the students can either opt for a 3 or 4-year degree. The fourth-year will require students to conduct academic research. 

However, if students with a four-year undergrad degree pursue their master’s degree at DU, adjustments will be made to the curriculum accordingly. 

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