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College Diaries : Shivaji College

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I can’t remember the long list of criticism I heard after taking admission in Shivaji College. Seriously, on first day, the rumors had me terrified. When one of the guy asked me for my class, I was positive that I am gonna be bullied. Little did I know the kindred soul was helping me to search the class. I grew up to believe college means “all play, no study”. Faculty here made me believe in amalgamation of these contrasting ideas.It was never my first year at Shivaji College but thirteenth class.I never thought a course like English Honours could be fun (given the insane cut-offs). I am gifted with most amazing seniors and most badass teachers. Seniors who never made us feel like junior and teachers who made us feel like their colleagues not students. I never thought that bunking classes was not to casually waste time, hang around in malls and markets, but to discuss and debate more about our subjects‚Äã (No kidding! This happens). From the novels I read to movies I watch college changed everything. The studies are balanced by amazing malls and lounges, which are a few kilometers away from campus. West gate mall, Pacific, city square, are to name a few. And did I mentioned the awesome Rajouri market.

Shivaji College has a number of societies to make college life memorable.These groups create a platform for students to take their interest, skill and aptitude to another level by associating with a fraternity of their choice. The umbrella organisation co- ordinates and organises the manifold activities of the students and helps provide inputs from professional people.These include:

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  • Bizarre‚Äì the fashion society
  • Dictum‚Äì the debating society
  • Footloose‚Äì the dance society
  • Reverb‚Äì the music society
  • Shutterbugs‚Äì the photography society
  • Vayam‚Äì the theatre society

  • Vibgyor‚Äì the fine arts society.

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Within the fold of the societies students get a chance to hone and showcase their talent in a competitive environment across different institutions and academia. Collectively, the teams get a chance to prove their mettle by working together under varied circumstances. Various fraternities have over the past many years won great laurels for the college.

In the course of the academic year the society organises several programmes associated with classical arts, lectures by professionals, SPIC- MACAY presentations and last but not the least star studded annual cultural festival Vibrations.

Varun Dhawan, Yami Gautam and Nawazudin Siddiqui at Vibrations 2015
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