College or Course? The biggest dilemma

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You’ve already faced your Class 12th Results,while some may shed tears of joy,a few may experience a little bit of disappointment.Yet again,as the day passes by all of you will come together to join MISSION ADMISSION.In this journey,you‚Äôll be hoarded with lots of opinions by ‚Äúspecial advisory committees‚Äù coming from various walks of life,distant and near (Hope you got my hint!) but the ultimate decision lies with you.Let‚Äôs talk about the common dilemma you are already facing or will face in a few days time-COLLEGE OVER COURSE OR COURSE OVER COLLEGE??
Here are a few first hand tips that may help you make an easy and sorted decision without any external pressure.

Prepare a checklist



Write it down. It’ll be easier to visualize when you have a list of courses you want to pursue and colleges that offer them,stay prepared beforehand.So the mantra is–RESEARCH,RESEARCH AND RESEARCH.

Widen your scope




All of us have some college and course that we have set our eyes on that seems to be our desire for ages.But it‚Äôs time to be practical guys.You need to keep your options open and not limit yourself.Expand you arena.You can also look out for private college’s and foreign universities.

Revise your checklist





If LSR is what you’ve always dreamt of,If SRCC is what you deserve then,my friend do modify your checklist and set these on the top.Descending order of preferences can help you prioritize your choices and focus on certain areas.

Be alert


Do not keep waiting for some friend to tell you that he’s cleared the entrance and later realize how stupid you were.Keep a vigilant eye on any registration form,entrance exam dates,cut-off lists, entrance results or waiting lists and tally them with your checklist.

Talk to the Expert’s







With the admissions on the round,every year several guidance and counselling sessions are held at different venues in Delhi/NCR region.So if there’s a confusion or query, don’t just keep wondering about the solution sitting in your arm-chair.Check up websites and newspapers to get the details and don’t hesitate to take advice.The Times of India conducts counselling sessions which involve psychometric tests that’ll help you to make a farsighted choice.

The Talent Ticket-





Can you dance to the groove? Can you rock the stage with your drums? Does “Debate. Sleep. Repeat” sum up your life? Then it’s your chance to grab your talent ticket. University of Delhi offers Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) and Sports quota,so that can give you an entry into your favourite college.Each college conducts its own auditions and with its own criteria so don’t miss out on any.

The Final Call

At last, when you find your checklist to less than half then it’s your time to make a move that can Make or Break or life.

But among all this, don’t forget to enjoy this process because it only happens once.And as far is college is concerned,excel and be proud in whatever you are doing and wherever you are, “PHIR KOI COLLEGE NAHI PUCHEGA”. All the best for admission season guys,hope you get your dream college this season.

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