How Colleges Are Breaking DU Admission Guidelines Openly And There Is No One To Listen

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Colleges affiated to Delhi University are supposed to follow the guidelines and rules laid down by the university.There is a very old university guideline which says that admissions won’t be offered on ‘First Come First Serve’ basis which basically means that if a college has released a cutoff and supposedly has 100 seats it has to offer admission to every student who turns up during the stipulated 3 day period even if the number crosses 100.

But a lot of DU colleges are behaving autonomously this year.Though the issue of autonomy is already under discussion but hasn’t been granted to anyone yet but still the colleges are framing their own rules and regulations.

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At Daulat Ram College last week,a massive protest took place where ABVP,DUSU and parents took part as the college denied admissions in BA Programme course.The college released a very low cutoff of 91 and it was no surprise that a lot of students turned up for admission considering its a North Campus college.

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The college didn’t allow parents to enter inside the campus on last day of admissions and allowed only those aspirants inside the college who purchased the admission form on first 2 days of the cutoff.

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This behavior of college resulted in a large crowd being gathered outside the college premises.Many parents went to DUSU and DUSU along with ABVP barged into the campus as the college was clearly behaving in an arbitrary manner.The college called police on campus and students who turned up on the last day for admissions couldn’t get admission due to the high voltage drama.

Inside the campus,many students alleged that teachers were trying to manipulate the choices of students.The teachers said some particular discipline subjects would be offered only to SC,ST and OBC students as seats are full.Students were being pressurized to take up courses they had no interest in.This again on the part of teachers was against the DU guidelines.

A topper from Himachal Pradesh ‚Äî scheduled to be felicitated by chief minister Virbhadra Singh for merit ‚Äî was told that seats were full. “My child is going to be awarded by the CM tomorrow in Simla. I should be on my way to make it in time. But I am stuck here fighting with the administration,” said Mamta, the applicant’s mother. She eventually left the college at 7.30pm after completing the admission process to the BA programme.

The college also demanded ridiculous documents like ‘certificate from employer stating you’re not a Delhi resident’ and ‘Fitness Certificate’.These documents are not required for admission according to DU guidelines and weren’t mentioned on the website of college as well.

On the same day at Kalindi College,the college officials denied students admission in Political Science (Hons) because of over admissions.The college released 82% as cutoff for admission in BA Political Science.The college later admitted students in the course as parents weren’t ready to back down and told them clearly what the admission guidelines are.

Another parent at Kalindi College was turned away by the authorities saying that your OBC certificate isn’t authentic and you should call the Tehsildar to college.The parent went to Tehsildar who told them that the document is genuine.It was only after the parent called Police on campus who asked administration to write it on a piece of paper that the document is fake that admission was granted by the college.

A student at Kalindi College told us how she was asked for Migration Certificate at Kalindi College on Saturday even after being a Delhi student.The student went to school who asked her to visit CBSE office which asked for a 5 day period and assured her that the certificate isn’t required for Delhi students.The student wasted 2 days of the admission process in visiting various offices because the guys on admission desk had no idea of what the requirements are.

A parent at Rajdhani College waited till 6 PM for verification of documents and was told in the end that admission can’t be given because original documents aren’t available.The college took 6 hours to verify documents of 10 applicants and to reject an application because of non availability of original documents even after knowing that a 10 day period can be given to applicant to submit the documents after taking an undertaking.

Students at Hansraj College waited till 8:30 PM on 3rd day of admissions as verification of documents took really long than usual..The students and parents missed their trains and flights because of the delay caused by college.

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