Course or College – What To Choose?

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Jayati Bhasin
I am a student of Humanities at Maitreyi College, Delhi University. I am a huge fan of books, the moon, monuments, mountains, stationery and all the little things. Being good in my suras, I have also been a State Level Singer in the past. Apart from this, I love to write about anything (in fact, everything). Hope you find my work intriguing. Happy reading! 🌻

We all want to pursue our dream course from our dream college. But what if you have to choose one among them?

Difficult question, right? Some students prefer to choose course over college because according to them, the ultimate goal is to work in a field which one loves. But, for some students college plays a significant role in developing one’s personality.

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This decision is very important and crucial because the decision you take decides your career and future opportunities.

So, let us understand this in a simple and easy way.

  • To know both, course as well as college. 
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The first thing which you need to know is the curriculum of your selected course. You can do this by finding out the syllabus of your course, by visiting the college’s site to see what all opportunities does your course offers, by talking to those people who’ve studied the course selected by you and by attending orientations of the same. This will help you know whether you are interested in this course or not and will you be able to study it for the following 3-4 years.

Now, as we know that college plays a significant role in developing one’s personality. Hence, you need to discover the college which you’ve selected and you can do the following by visiting the college’s official site. So, in order to know the college, you must go through it’s alumni list, placement opportunities, classroom experience, teaching faculty, extracurricular activities offered etc.

  • When you should choose course over college-
  1. You are aware of your ultimate career goal – For instance, if you desire to pursue Mechanical Engineering then, even if you could only manage to get admission in a tier-2 college then, you must choose that college instead of going for a tier-1 college and getting Physics Honours as your course.
  2. The alternate course in a better college doesn’t interest you – For instance, you want to pursue Bachelors in Mass Communication and are getting admission in a tier-2 college. At the same time, you’re getting admission in English Honours in a tier-1 college but you do not find the syllabus quite interesting. Hence, you must choose to study the subject of your interest, even in a tier-2 college.
  3. The course “you desire” and the course “you’re getting” are very different – For instance, you want to study English Honours and are getting admission in a tier-2 college. But, you are also getting admission for Physics Honours in a tier-1 college. In this case, even if you compromise and get admitted in a tier-1 college for studying Physics Honours, it won’t give you any satisfaction and will only take you farther away from your interests and ultimate goal.
  • When you should choose college over course-
  1. You are not sure of your ultimate career goal and want some time to explore – For instance, you scored good marks in your class 12th with Humanities stream. Now, you are not sure which course to choose. But, you’ve been the State Level Player of Basketball and you see that you’re getting admission in a tier-1 college for studying B.A. Programme along with getting in the Basketball team of the college. Hence, you can get admitted in a tier-1 college and explore.
  2. When a similar course is available in a better college – For instance, if you want to pursue Political Science Honours but, at the same time you are getting admission in a tier-1 college in B.A. Programme with Political Science as a major subject. Then, you can choose college first.
  • Bottom Line-
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In the end, if you choose course over college then you must be sure that you are pretty good in the course you’ve chosen and can beat students from tier-1 colleges. And, at the same time if you choose college over course then you must be in touch with the course you’ve wanted to pursue. As, choosing between course and college is a difficult question, you must be balanced and make the right choice.

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