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Currency Ban Reducing Life Span-A Student’s Letter To Every Indian

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❝To take a step against corruption,undoubtedly shows the commendable farsightedness of our PM but even the Constitution of India specifies that in a choice of letting go a hundred guilty versus saving innocent,it’s the life to be saved.


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The very buzzing “Currency Ban” is much of a trending topic offline,than online,in our country now-a-days.Prime Minister Narendra Modi has formulated and integrated a theory to wasp off all the black money from our country indeed.Right now,as he stocks progress to increase ties with Abe Shinzo in Japan,it is our job to categorize which progress is he eventually referring to. The progress of throwing in waste the money a mother from rural area starts saving for her daughter’s marriage from the day she’s born or the money a son collects for his father’s treatment of a terminal disease? The government,in our democracy and to generalize,in democracy all over the world,is OF the people,FOR the people & BY the people.People -a class of our own society who do not earn & deal in black money Рfacing the disaster tremendously.And here, we are lacking the sheer awareness of the Cons of this Act.


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We all woke up today morning to realize the tremendous loss of lives and lack of ability of doctors in the whole country,to abide by their duties.Losses of tens of such lives since the past three days and two nights are what we are unaware of.Is it because the media and all top notch people of the society are just focusing on the fact that it is the boldest Anti-Corruption move in the history of India? Can the banks bring back the lives of people lost whilst? Does corruption value more than mankind? Is that the level we have stooped to for our personal protection & well-being that we shut our mouths and blind ourselves to the cons of this Currency Ban?


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Small vendors who work day and night to save an amount of about Rs. 20,000 a month out of his own earnings for his forthcoming generations or emergencies,which is not taxable and saved at home with individual rights,suddenly holds no value.A small vendor who is never taught how to make and maintain a bank account,neither given the absolute basic knowledge of taxation,life would seem nothing beyond a boon.There are puddles of losses of sweat and blood by men and women who are neither aware of their basic fundamental rights,nor with the literacy to fill a bank form.Lack of education is ruining lives more than the black money. Media is just focusing on the political motivation behind this Currency Ban,hiding and leaving behind the cons and difficulties each individual is facing everyday.

A personally known case of a 20-year-old boy whom I referred to a corporate hospital Рthe boy’s parents pleaded with tears and to the level of putting their house on stake for the hospital to accept payment of Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000 notes for the treatment,suffered and reached a critical stage for the survival of their son in misery of eternal hope of humanity.The parents can sue the hospital and the only justification in return would shout of how the acceptance of Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000 Notes (and the cheque as well because of mismanagement and chaotic situation in banks) is allegedly a crime ever since the news has been announced. The lawmaker cannot be sued,but does that make the boy or his family a criminal? Will that get back the life of any innocent person who had his/her own future ahead of him? Private hospitals are in denial of accepting the cash numerous potential patients hold in their hands and Government hospitals are short of beds.


As and when in school,students off commerce stream are not taught about Banking system. Lack of practical knowledge even within our society – of that slot which has qualified education – if not utter sadness,what is it?

Also,it is reported that some people are setting up desks outside banks,charging a Rs. 50 – Rs. 100 to fill forms for those who’re unable to read and write. If this is not the first step to unjust practice or minimal corruption, what else is?

Whilst campaigning, “#AccheDin aane vaale hai”. Kahaan hai Acche Din? That part of our society has fallen from owning a Billion to a Million in their Bank Accounts (Foreign or Within the Country) where people lacking the knowledge of filing an ITR have to declare their savings over the years as black money, just for One Single Currency Ban. For example, a small vendor saving Rs. 2,00,000 a year (which is not taxable), for the past 10 years, is nothing more than a piece of paper just because of lack of knowledge and literacy. If opened the list, major obstacles in our country start off not from corruption, but illiteracy and poverty.


We voted for a better future, not a questionable one. We are not against Currency Ban, we are against negligence of truth, against the media covering only the happy faces post this act and against our own fellow countrymen taking away the Fundamental Right to Freedom of Expression from each individual who stands up against this act in the name of nationalism and swiping away corruption to mankind. Our leader makes us feel as though we have handed over the swords to them to be cut vividly and slowly – we – standing as common men.Dedicating about 20 years of hard work,people coming to towns from villages for a better future of their family and all the tables turn offside in just four hours? Well,how is it different from conviction? Pain of staying away from their own family,severe working conditions and yet joining penny out of their own hard-earned money despite being illiterate, is a crime in which book of Law?




The intention of posting this article is to spread awareness and point out a finger at the ignorance of the other side of truth by the sole hopes of these bleeding eyes. I am not a Social Activist, neither am I an expert in the current theories and terminologies in the Political System of India, I am the voice of a man who casted vote for BJP and wishes to hold no regrets to my choice. There is no immense hate for any political party,but a lot of anger and shock to how forcible blindness is more powerful than pain. I am to be the voice of each man and woman with hearts and minds full of expectations to value lives just like we tend to value our economy, seeming to shatter by the hour.

Disclaimer : These are personal views and the only objective of writing this article is to spread awareness and to show the other side of the story which has been overlooked by National Media and the Public. It took me just a very wise friend to open my eyes to All these facts that I’ve included in this article against Currency Ban, which was imposed, rather implemented on the country & got me to put his thoughts to my words for a rather impressive glimpse of the truth and real exposure which our society deserves. So, it’s much of a teamwork, with more credentials to him than me for formulating the jist of this article and I’d be a doofus to take all the credit.¬†

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