Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) Is Now Fifty Years Old
Image Source-Indian Express

Delhi University Teacher’s Association (DUTA) celebrated its Golden Jubilee on Monday with a day-long conference remembering its struggle of the past.

O.P. Kohli,Governor of Gujarat who served as DUTA president from 1973-1975 and 1977-1979 was the Chief Guest of Golden Jubilee celebrations.

In his address,Mr. Kohli raised the question on quality of education when “permanent appointments and promotions are not taking place and teachers do not get pension”.

He also mentioned that Universities across India especially the Delhi University has been used for a number of experiments without proper planning.In his opinion the semester system,For Year Undergraduate Course and the current Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) has affected the standards and quality of education at University of Delhi.

Many Former Presidents of DUTA were felicitated and a tribute was paid to Kumaresh Chakravarty,Former DUTA President (1971-1973) who passed away earlier this year.

Former presidents Zahoor Siddiqui,M.M.P. Singh,N. K. Kakkar, Aditya Narayan Misra,Nandita Narain and others talked about the past initiatives taken by DUTA over several issues which affected the teaching community and students.

Government’s alleged plan of dismantling public funded Higher Education from Grants to Loans through HEFA was also discussed by teachers at the occasion.HEFA is the tripartite agreement forced upon Universities which will force them to raise tuition fees and also generate 30% funds from their own resources.


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