Delhi University To Hire Student Guides For Heritage Walks

north campus delhi university
I guess you guys have missed out on something that’s super-informative as well as super-fun, or put it the filmy way,  “Jo naam bhi dilayega,paise bhi aur shauhrat bhi.” Delhi University for the first time brings this fabulous opportunity to all undergrads out there.Are you the one who can go on chattering stuff without getting tired or bored? Then my friend, its time for you to recognize your talent and stop wasting it on deaf ears. Become a student tour guide at Delhi University.
Yes, what you heard is absolutely right.DU has planned to organize heritage walks for rediscovering its glorious past of kings and conquerors.The stepping-stones have been laid with the short tours starting from the Viceregal Lodge present day VC office up to the Northern Ridge.
Whats more? DU isn’t going to let your mehnat go waste.It has decided to hire students as tour guides who have basic knowledge about the historical past and can converse well in multiple languages.It has also planned to pay student guides in order to acknowledge their efforts. “Agar aapne kisi foreign language ko shiddat se padha hai toh poori kayanaat aapko student tour guide banana se nahi rok sakti”. Exactly, knowledge of foreign language is in demand so please brush up your skills before they corrode.

“Your Majesty, here are a few favourite spots that are the “aan, baan, shaan” of the Delhi University Heritage trails

1. Khooni Jheel


“Main Khooni Jheel, naam toh suna hi hoga”. As creepy as it may sound,the jheel has witnessed gory sights of innumerable brutally killed bodies of the great revolt of 1857, being thrown in it. And that’s how the colour of the water turned red and its name evolved.

2. Viceregal Lodge


Well,this is the Delhi University’s Vice Chancellor office.And years back it was the very chamber cum dungeon which swelled with our martyr Bhagat Singh’s shrieks and cries.
WARNING: Don’t panic if you hear strange whispers and voices at the VCs office.

3. Gwyer Hall893

It is said that this boys hostel has a tunnel which leads to Miranda House. OOH! Did that send a shiver down your spine? It ought to but you’ll feel better to know that it hasn’t been found yet! So the next time you visit Miranda House,hunt & search and if you find one “mujhe bhi batana please”!
Usually tour guides jobs are seen as a monotonous work, where you just spill out all that you’ve been mugging up like a parrot.But just give it thought how exciting it would be to meet new people each day,interacting about our very own Delhi University.
And “the whole thing is that ki bhaiya,sabse bada rupayiya”.


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