Dos and Don'ts During College Admissions
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The prevailing admission days brings out  most of the spooky demeanor in the students  and numerous bits of advice from their peers dealing with multiple complexities. Amidst all the perplexing situations students should not  loose the track of their various admission related datum.

There are certain dos and don’ts that are necessary for the students to follow during the admission days.


  1. You should be well formulated about filling up your college application forms, keeping the track of all the deadlines related to college cut-offs and admission procedures. Never be oblivious of deadlines associated with admissions.
  2. Make sure you choose your course wisely and not just opting it for the sake of its popularity and take up the course you have passion for.
  3. It is necessary to opt the right college for your choice of course. You should know which college has the best faculty for your course as every college might not have the best faculty for the course you want to opt.
  4. It will be beneficial if you talk to the students who are already  pursuing the course you aspire to as you will get the blueprint of your course structure and a first-hand experience.
  5. Always keep a handy box of stationary like pencil, stapler, glue, etc ready at the time of admissions and try to be the early bird on the day of admission to avoid the hustle.


  1. Don’t be a victim of peer pressure. It would be imprudent to come under pressure to decide the college and course. It should be completely your will on what kind of course and college you wish to opt.
  2. The choice of college undoubtedly holds the significant place but never precede your college over course. You might not get the choice of college you desired for but if you are getting admission in some other college of your course you must let the opportunity go off your hands.
  3. Never ignore the extracurricular activities in your college. They reflect your capabilities apart from academics and gives a high definition to your resume and build up your work experience.
  4. Make sure that you do not submit any kind of fake/false documents at the time admissions or else your admission can get cancelled for next three years and you might have to pay heavy repercussions.
  5. You must not be admitted to any other university  be it in India or abroad. As per UGC an individual can only study one full time programme at a single time.


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