DU Admissions 2018 : Delhi University has released the dates of entrances tests for various UG,Masters and M.Phil/PhD courses.This is a tentative schedule and is subjected to be changed in case students suggest University for the same.Students can send their suggestions before 25th May 2018¬†to the Examination Branch ([email protected]) .The final schedule based on the recommendations of the Committee will be posted after 25th May 2018 and no further request for a change/modification shall be entertained.Students should take in account that no refund of fees will be allowed in case there is a clash of dates between two entrance tests you’ve applied for.

The tentative schedule can be found below-

17th June 2018,Sunday

8.00 A.M. TO 10.00 A.M.12.00 P.M. TO 02.00 P.M.04.00 P.M. TO 06.00 P.M.

B.A. (Hons.) Business Economics
* B.P.Ed.
(Department of Physical Education & Sports Sciences)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Hispanic
M.Phil./ Ph.D. in African StudiesM.Phil./Ph.D. in Italian
M.Phil./Ph.D. in French
M.Phil./Ph.D. in German
M.A. African Studies

18th June 2018,Monday

8.00 A.M. TO 10.00 A.M.12.00 P.M. TO 02.00 P.M.04.00 P.M. TO 06.00 P.M.
M.Sc. Computer ScienceM.Sc. ChemistryM.C.A.
Ph.D. in Computer SciencePh.D. in ChemistryM.Sc. Botany
M.A. Political ScienceM.Phil./Ph.D.in PhilosophyM.A. History
M.Phil. / Ph.D. in Political ScienceM.Phil./Ph.D. in ArabicM.A. Urdu
M.Sc. ZoologyM.A. SanskritM.A. Punjabi
M.Phil. / Ph.D. in ZoologyM.Sc. Operational Research M.A. /M.Sc. Applied Operational ResearchM.A. Sociology
M.A. PersianM.Phil. / Ph.D. in Operational ResearchM.Phil. / Ph.D. in Sociology
M.Phil./ Ph.D. in Persian Ph.D. in Home ScienceB.Ed. Special Education (Visual Impairment)
M.A. French /M.A. German, M.A. Italian/M.A. HispanicPh.D. in Business
LL.M.M.A. in Psychology
Ph.D. in LawPh.D. in Psychology
(Department of Physical Education & Sports Sciences)
* B.Sc. Physical Education, Health Education & Sports Sciences
Ph.D. in Physical Education (Department of Physical Education & Sports Sciences)

19th June 2018,Tuesday

8.00 A.M. TO 10.00 A.M.12.00 P.M. TO 02.00 P.M.04.00 P.M. TO 06.00 P.M.
M.A. EconomicsM.Sc. Environmental StudiesM.Sc. Fabric & Apparel Science
(Department of Home Science)
M.Phil./ Ph.D. in EconomicsPh.D. in Environmental StudiesM.A. East Asian Studies
M.Sc. – Ph.D. combined degree in Biomedical Sciences & M.Sc. Degree in Biomedical Sciences
(Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Centre for Biomedical Research)
M.A. JapanesePh.D. in East Asian Studies
* Five Year Integrated Course in Journalism (English/Hindi)M.Sc. Development Communication and Extension
(Department of Home Science)
Master of Library & Information Science
Ph.D. in Biomedical SciencesM.Phil./Ph.D. in Library & Information Science
(Deptt. of Library & Info. Sc.)
M.A./M.Sc. Mathematics
M.Sc. Electronics* B.El.Ed.M.Phil./ Ph.D. in Mathematics
Ph.D. in ElectronicsM.Sc. Microbiology
M.Sc. Resource
Management & Design Application
(Department of Home Science)
M.A. Applied Psychology
M.A. RussianPh.D. in Microbiology
M.A. Tamil
M.A. Bengali
M.A. Comparative Indian Literature
M.Phil. in Comparative Indian Literature Studies
Ph.D. in Modern Indian Languages & Literary Studies

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20th June 2018,Wednesday

8.00 A.M. TO 10.00 A.M.12.00 P.M. TO 02.00 P.M.04.00 P.M. TO 06:00 P.M.
M.A./M.Sc. StatisticsM.Sc. PhysicsB.Ed. Special Education (Mental Retardation)
M.Phil. / Ph.D. in StatisticsPh.D. in PhysicsM.Phil./Ph.D. in Karnatak Music
M.Sc. GeologyM.A. PhilosophyM.Com.
M.Phil./Ph.D. in GeologyM.A. ArabicM.Phil. / Ph.D. in Commerce
M.A. EnglishM.Sc. AnthropologyM.A. Linguistics
M.Phil./Ph.D. in EnglishM.Phil./Ph.D. in AnthropologyM.Phil./ Ph.D. in Linguistics
M.Sc. Informatics
(Institute of Informatics & Communication)
M.Sc. Human
Development and Childhood studies
(Department of Home Science)
M.Tech. Microwave
Ph.D. in Informatics (Institute of Informatics &
M.Sc. Plant Molecular Biology & BiotechnologyM.Sc. Genetics
M.Phil./ Ph.D. in Hindustani MusicPh.D. in Plant Molecular Biology and BiotechnologyPh.D. in Genetics
M.Phil. /Ph.D. in Russian StudiesM.Sc. Mathematics Education
(Cluster Innovation Centre)
M.A. Environmental Studies* B.A. (Honours) Multimedia and Mass
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Education
M.Sc. Food and Nutrition
M.Phil./ Ph.D. in Bio-Physics

20th June 2018,Thursday

8.00 A.M. TO 10.00 A.M.12.00 P.M. TO 02.00 P.M.04.00 P.M. TO 06.00 P.M.
M.A. Social WorkM.A. Buddhist StudiesM.A. in Life Long Learning & Extension
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Social WorkM.A. GeographyM.Phil. / Ph.D. in Adult Continuing Education & Extension
M.Phil./ Ph.D. in Buddhist StudiesM.Phil. /Ph.D. in GeographyM.A. Hindi
M.Phil./Ph.D. in HindiM.Sc. Forensic Science
(Department of Anthropology)
M.Sc. Biochemistry
M.Phil./ Ph.D. in BotanyM.Phil. / Ph.D. in HistoryPh.D. in Biochemistry
M.Phil./Ph.D. in UrduM.A. Karnatak MusicM.A. Percussion Music
M.Phil./Ph.D. in PunjabiM.Phil./Ph.D. in Percussion Music* B.Tech. (IT & Mathematical Innovations)
(Cluster Innovation Centre)
M.A. Hindustani Music
* B.A. (Honours) Humanities & Social Sciences
(Cluster Innovation Centre)

* = Undergraduate courses

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