DU Denies Admission To Son Of A Deceased Army Men,Official Asks Wife To Prove Husbands Death

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Controversies and protests have always been a part of Delhi University since the beginning of the time.  From the abandoning of 4-year FYUP to the protests held in the Ramjas college, youth has always challenged the wrong policies and actions taken by the university board. In this series, a former student from DU itself has alleged the University of Delhi for not accepting documents of her brother and mocking them.

Anjali Sirohi

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Daughter of an ex-army personnel, Late Lt. Col Ravinder Kumar, Anjali Sirohi, a former student of Delhi University, who had applied for her brother‚Äôs admission under ¬†the Children of War Widows (CW) category, under Priority 3- Wards/ Widows of Defense personnel. Her father died on July 09, 2009¬†in military service, during the peacetime and 5% reservation is provided to the children belonging to the CW category in every university. But her brother was denied admission and an official authority asked her mother to prove the death of his father on papers ¬†‚Äò attributed to the military service‚Äô, she said in a post on a social media website. It is a dreadful, how even after 8 odd years, they have to prove the conditions of her father’s death.

Last year, her sister also faced discrimination as she was denied admission in MBBS in the University of Delhi. There were 12 seats under CW category in the MBBS course in Delhi University and only 10 got filled. Despite having two vacant seats left,  her sister did not get an admission and dropped a year as the board didn’t release the information the website. They blamed the university responsible for the wastage of one whole year, that would have been very productive if they were aware of this. By the means of her post on Facebook, she is trying to bring the loopholes in the system in the limelight, that denied admission to a girl because of eligibilty crisis.

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“Apart from ¬†According to UGC every Central University has 5% supernumerary seats of the total seats for the CW category- that is the defense category which has a priority list of 5 categories. We belong to the third priority- wards/widows of defense personal who died in peace conditions with death attributable to military service (please check the terminology). So DU called an official , who find ‘apparent’ problems with our certificate. But there was no such problem. We dont choose our priority it is given to us based on our pension order. And our ‘pension order’ is the special family pension that indicates PRIORITY 3. So indirectly, we need to have the words written to prove to them that our father actually died ‘with death attributable to military service.’ Firstly, it is their fault because these words were present on some certificates and not- on some. So no consistency in record maintenance. And then the official is an ex-army personnel and yet he failed to understand this simple fact. ‚Äù, Anjali told DU Express.

¬†‚ÄúI am heartbroken and helpless. We are already fighting a case in DELHI HC, with regards to a previous issue where influential people have wrongfully taken hold of my sister’s seat in the MBBS- DU that was supposed to be given to her under this category ‘on merit’. Delhi University has made a mockery out of us.‚Äù She said in her post. ¬†She explained that her family fought a case in Delhi HC, against this.

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Picture from the wall of conference hall, where Anjali’s brother denied admission

On one hand, we want to bring peace, unity, and equality to the society, and on the other hand, deserving candidates are being humiliated in the university, which is considered as one of the best in the country. Are the celebration of Independence day and Republic day just restricted to pictures? Various pictures labeled “Our Heroes” were displayed on the wall of the conference hall, where her brother faced the discrimination.

Though her brother has got a newly made certificate, yet, they are being asked to prove the circumstances. This is a heartbreaking incident and the family is feeling hopeless. They have nobody to listen and they don’t know where to go. This is not a story of just one family, many more people are suffering silently. If this kind of discrimination will go on and no action will be taken, then it will lead to the disastrous results.  This is a wake up call to all the citizens. Let us come forward and take a step to eradicate corruption from our society.

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