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DU life through digital screens

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University of Delhi is famous among students for this popular notion of what is commonly called the ‘DU Life’. This includes being a part of this vibrant university with less worries about attendance. Additionally, every student dreams of making friends, gaining exposure and being a part of several societies. Life in University of Delhi is fun and we miss it all of it! From watching dance societies practice to the campus dogs, a silent walk in the campus is enough to re-energize ourselves.

DU Life through digital screens
Image Source: jdm.du
The new DU Life

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted every work to the online mode. Virtual classes have replaced the deadly 8:45 classes for DU students. But it is far from the same. Online classes come with their own set of issues. Connecting with our faculty and classmates through screens of our electronic gadgets, while complaining to our friends about this method forms our routine. So what exactly is the ‘new DU Life’ ?

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The sad truth is that online classes form the most part of it. But what about the other parts of the normal DU Life?

What are the DU societies up to?

The barrier of not being in the same room has wide implications. It is indeed tiring if not limiting. Shringarika Pandey, the president of Dyal Singh College’s creative writing society , Spilled Ink says ” We have lost the one thing that’s essential to the working of college societies—togetherness. The video calls can never replicate the comfort, group hugs used to bring. It makes you angry and sad at the same time. However, we’re all coming to terms with the fact that this is the new normal. Having society meetings online instead of my college amphitheater is certainly a strange experience—but we’re trying our best either way.”

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Despite the numerous challenges many societies are still functioning including Spilled Ink. Shringarika adds “Trying to preserve some semblance of togetherness during these times, Spilled Ink held an artist’s week where singers and poets performed on Instagram live to raise funds for Goonj’s Rahat Covid Campaign. We also held an open mic for Hindi diwas in our pursuit of celebrating art. Continuing our online endeavors in October as well, we’re planning to include the spookiness of Halloween in everything we create—be it art or events.”

The entire transition to online means comes with challenges but it gives us an opportunity to be creative. Divyaa Maloo, the creative and technical director of the marketing society of SRCC, Marksoc says ” In the pandemic paradigm, we have focused our efforts onto two places- first, building an informative Instagram page which will definitely make you chuckle, and second, hosting online competitions like SRMAT (Shri Ram Aptitude Management Test). Our society has always focused on competitive learning and creative thinking, which is not only requisites for a successful career, but now an important approach to nailing the lockdown! Online or offline, never stop winning!”

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The ‘new’ experience of a member

Gaurangi Sehgal, a member of Dramsoc LSR says “I miss those evenings which began with the directors screaming ‘physicals!!!!’ and we would all laugh while working over things. Dramsoc is a family and it has not been affected by Covid when it comes to ideation. We have had wonderful fundraisers and have started with audio play. I miss the college vibe at dusk but the family still remains.”

To every DU student

Once you enter your college, you realize how in many ways DU Life is not we imagined it to be. This year turned out to be completely different with many of us not getting the chance to see what our fests are like. Moreover, the struggle is alive with all of us working our way through this.

Many societies are on a halt. Life is not the same when you can’t refresh yourself with a cup of Ice Tea while feeling Dramsoc’s infectious energy in the air. However, once we will be back with many new faces joining us, the experience will be all the more better!

DU Life through digital screens
Imagesource: Icytales

For now, creativity has emerged as our best friend. DU Life through screens is very different and even a difficult experience. But the enthusiasm of every student is beyond commendable!

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