Female Student Molested At Ram Lal Anand College By Sweeper,When Will Colleges Wake Up?
Image Source-Zee News

An associate professor (sports) of Delhi University’s Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences has been accused of allegedly outraging the modesty of woman student and using abusive language.

The complaint reads, “One day I was practising long jump and my T-shirt slipped up while practising. The teacher came to me and said abhi kya hai abhi to sabka brand pata chalega( Everyone’s brand will come to know) and also touched her and pulled the T-shirt down” hinting towards the innerwear that the girl was wearing.

The Principal, of IGIPESS College, Dhananjoy Shaw said “many girls have a complaint against the teacher but in sports practice, such thing happens like scolding the students. However, our staff council has decided to put up the matter to the governing body for the enquiry. The college will also take action against the accused”.

In the FIR report, the victim has mentioned that the teacher always uses abusive language and have asked her out a number of times to accompany him to the infamous Buddha Garden.

I warned the teacher many times and one day I even told him that sir please don’t do this with me and have some self-respect but the teacher asked me out to Buddha garden. He mentally tortured me and threatened me by saying no one will dare to do anything against him. If you will not come with me I will fail you in the subject” the girl told Indian Express.

More than 17 students have been failed in the subject the accused professor teaches for supporting the victim against professor.

I made the complaint to the department and principal but they never listen to us. Even I made the complaint they pressured me to take the complaint back otherwise my career will waste once indulging in such case and all” said the victim.


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