DU Student Loses Life In A Fight Over Girlfriend

Delhi University Teachers Condemn ‘Authoritarian’ Repression of Protests

A fight over a girl led to the death of a 19 year old Delhi University student Subham Srivastav. Subham was asked to meet Aman in a park in Patel Nagar to sort out the matter where Aman allegedly stabbed Subham to death.

Subham was in a relationship with a girl who used to study in his tuition classes.After a fight between the couple, Subham stopped meeting the girl for sometime.On Monday, a friend of Subham saw the girl with Aman and clicked a picture of the two which was later sent to Subham. Subham along with his friends Lokesh Agarwal & Subham Gupta thrashed Aman for getting close to the girl.He later fought with the girl over this.

On Wednesday, Aman called Subham along with his friends to Rock Garden in Patel Nagar to resolve the matter.The argument soon became heated and Aman stabbed Subham with a knife.His friends Lokesh Agarwal and Subham Gupta got injured as well when they tried to intervene. Aman was allegedly with a group of youngsters when he attacked Subham.

Subham Srivastav died after a few hours at the hospital and his friends are undergoing treatment.Police is after Aman and his friends who undertook the crime.



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