DU Student Vidit Garg Enters IIM-A With 89.67 Percentile as General Category Student
Image Source-Edmyt

Vidit Garg,a CAT aspirant who pursued BA Programme from Delhi University is probably one of the happiest management aspirants in the country right now.The Haryana boy managed to get admission into IIM-Ahmedabad at a CAT score of 89.67 percentile as a General category student.

“Sir, do you really think it is a genuine IIM-Ahmedabad call or just a cruel mistake?” this was the first question Vidit Garg asked his teachers at Edmyt’s Connaught Place centre. At a CAT score of 89.67 percentile in the CAT,Vidit Garg,a general category student, got an IIM-A call which is a rarest of rare situation to be in.

I could not believe it, yes, my interview did go well and I had given myself 50% of a chance but to actually get admitted is quite something else” Vidit Garg told PaGaLGuY.

Vidit had 2 months of work experience post his graduation and later joined his family business. “My parents had told me that if CAT does not work out, I should stick to the family business. I had kind of agreed but had also applied to universities abroad as a Plan B.” he told PaGalGuY.

“We knew from experience that a thorough and incisive approach would see him through the second stage of AWT and Personal Interview (PI)“, Vijay Kalyan Jha of Edmyt told NDTV.

“The preparation started with a rigorous round of ‘self-analysis’. We listed down more than 50 expected questions each from five crucial areas- namely past academic records, extra-curricular activities, work experience, goal clarity, and why IIM-A” said Mr. Jha.


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