DUSU Elections 2019 : Creative Campaigning at Zakir Husain Delhi College

The hustle and bustle of Delhi University election campaign is visible in the university these days. All candidates are campaigning in their own novel ways, making efforts to attract students and garner votes. On September 6th, election campaign in DelhiUniversity’s  Zakir Husain Delhi College  took a creative turn when the Principal of the college, Dr. Masroor Ahmed Beg convened a meeting of all candidates to discuss the need of making Delhi University Students Election simple and amicable. After the meeting, the pamphlets, handbills and other publicity material used in the campaign were picked up in order to keep college premises clean. This initiative taken by the enthusiastic contestants has given it an innovative turn, influencing the attitude of college students towards cleanliness, especially the students of the first semester. 

Returning officer, Dr Ravi Ranjan informed the media that Zakir Husain Delhi College has always organised its election every year with adherence to its own distinctive values of amicability and simplicity. This collective act of cleaning college premises by the candidates with a sense of communal harmony and politeness is related to this uniqueness. It should be mentioned that if the enthusiasm of college students for DUSU elections is noteworthy, it is a challenge for the college administration to make election peaceful and creative. Zakir Husain Delhi College appears to be creating a new precedent in this regard , taking the DUSU election to new heights through this initiative. It is important to mention that more than 27 candidates are in the fray in the college and DUSU elections will be held in all colleges of Delhi University on 12th September 2019.

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