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Project Vasan

The word ‘Vasan’ connotes cloth or attire. But for Enactus Dyal Singh College, Vasan is not just a mere piece of clothing, it’s an idea, a thought to bring about a change in the society with a simple step, to recycle, renew and revive.

Through the entrepreneurial and social skills, Project Vasan aims to empower not only poor craftsmen but also unskilled poor people who are willing to work to become economically independent in their own work in the long run. Not only will this project improve the livelihood of the workers but also play a role in saving the environment by focusing on reuse and recycling.
Enactus Dyal Singh College (DSC) conducts collection drives to collect used and old clothes from households. After that the clothes are properly washed and are sent to the craftsmen and blind people with whom the Project is associated, to fabricate them into different kinds and sizes of bags and other handmade items which are then sold in different college fests and market areas.

enactus dyal singh college

The team members of Enactus Dyal Singh College (DSC) extensively travelled the lengths and breadth of Delhi NCR and located poor craftsmen in need and also associated with the Blind relief Association. The members took up to themselves to visit these people regularly and understand their situation and help them accordingly. The team also tried to create a personal bond with them and created a learning environment, where the team members tried learning their craft and in return teach some new and innovative techniques and also provide education to them. In this way, Project Vasan tried to keep their craftsmen and workers happy and motivated and encourage them to work harder and have a sustainable income.

Enactus Dyal Singh College (DSC) has reached a commendable success within its 1st year of operation.
5 blind people have been trained with Multi Skills, i.e. stitching, candle making, book binding, soap making, orientation and mobility, chair canning and singling and capable enough to create a hierarchy.
3 of them have been provided with education including English-speaking and basic Mathematics operations.
2 visually impaired craftsperson employed at an agreed salary of Rs 7470 each. Sewing machines and raw material donated to a craftsperson.
10% of the sales proceeds is provided to blind association at the end of every month.


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