Enactus Kalindi College Launches Project Weran Helping The Farmer Community

After creating a remarkable impact in the lives of Manual Scavengers with their first Project Rehmat, the team of undergraduate students from Enactus Kalindi has introduced Project Weran – an initiative toward the upliftment of the Indian Farming Community. With the determination to accelerate a transformation in the farming community, Project Weran aims to empower farmers and their overall development. Its motive is to accelerate a transformation in the farming community with an ambition to empower farmers.

They trained the Farmers with the technique of segregating the entire produce into mainly three categories:

A : produce of supreme and marketable quality used for selling purposes.

B : deformed produce containing essential nutrients in requisite proportion. They train the Women of this community to produce pickles using this produce, converting them into self-sustained entrepreneurs. Till now, they have been able to create 35 women entrepreneurs.

C : Rotten produce which would be helpful in the conversion of rancid produce into manure which would ultimately reduce the cost of production of farmers as it would be cheaper in comparison to other available manures in the market and also it would contribute to waste management. They have been able to provide 10 farmers with the required facilities, thereby catering their needs.

Project Weran has created a positive impact in the Farming Community by strengthening  the backbone of Indian economy – The Agricultural Sector. 

Project Weran is a journey that has been started to bring a significant change in the society and they would love to be supported in this cause for a meaningful impact.

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  1. Hello Shivam, I am from Jaipur,my daughter has got admission in Kalindi college ,she is going for B.A.(Hon) in Plo.Sci. but I have some friends in Delhi who have a very low opinion for Kalindi.
    I am in a fix ,as we also wanted her to go in for Maitri or Gargi but with fifth list been closed she doesn’t hv a chance now.
    Can u pls help


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