Enactus Motilal Nehru College Nominated For Animal Welfare Award By Pet Fed Delhi

This enticing journey began in the month of October 2014 with a rigorous project emphasizing on the sole objective of making the lives of stray dogs better who live in the most deplorable conditions in India.The Indian dogs whom people often call as stray,jungli and a bad breed dog is looked down upon and hated. No one wants to keep them as pets as they are considered inferior to the foreign breed dogs. To kill this myth and to give them a better life of good health, respect and honour,Enactus Motilal Nehru College initiated project Parivartan to bring a change,a parivartan in the lives of the stray dogs.

They sterilized and vaccinated 14 dogs within their campus by collaborating with an  animal welfare NGO.They now feed these dogs every day.To give it an economic edge,they introduced BeDesi product line.BeDesi Products–collars and leashes are manufactured by the underprivileged women of Sanjay Gandhi camp near Chanakyapuri.The revenue that they generate from their proceeds is thereby,distributed amongst the women and the animal welfare NGOs that sterilize and vaccinate stray dogs.

During the project,they evolved the DESI Model which stands for Duty to Emphasize,Sterilize and Immunize the stray dogs.They implemented the DESI Model and got fourteen dogs of their college sterilized and immunized against rabies.Generally the Animal Birth Control (ABC) Program is done entirely by the civic bodies like the Municipal Corporation and the NGO for animal welfare,hence people’s participation in the ABC Program is entirely lacking.Hence the initiative taken by them by collaborating directly with the animal welfare organisation is first of its kind and the only one taken up by an educational institution in India.They have already taken this model to different areas of Delhi NCR and wish to implement the same across India.

Enactus Motilal Nehru College also engages in immense amount of field work which includes generating awareness about the compatibility of Indian breeds over the alien breeds and the judicial applications of Animal welfare laws.This has been done through street plays,rabies awareness drives at various schools and slums and police awareness drives.

Their efforts have been recognized by different media portals.They now have also been nominated by Pet Fed Delhi for the Animal Welfare Award and they need your support for the same. Help them win and make a difference in lives of our furry friends. Head to their website to vote by clicking here

Enactus Motilal Nehru College envisions a world where all people recognize the intrinsic value of animals and consistently make choices that demonstrate compassion and respect towards them.


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