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English Honours : Probably the best course in DU

Delhi University‚Äôs offered course English Honours has always stayed in the limelight, rather mostly considered to be a status symbol for the aspirants. Students enjoying prose and poetry in school simply wish to flow with the tide without actually understanding the significance of this tough course.They must understand that studying literature in college is very much different from what one studies in school.The course is not just confined to the texts and poems, but to general awareness of one’s surroundings.A student has a lot to explore and a lot to learn, along with the analysis of prevalent situations and issues.

Studying literature is an art that enhances the ability to question some predetermined norms and beliefs, and break the bars of societal stereotypes and conventions. It endures a student to build his own perspective uninfluenced by his peers. It enables those introverts to gain confidence through the sharpening of ability to express their thoughts and feelings. At times people are unable to express themselves due to lack of language skills without which they often hesitate to interact.But this course helps them to grow better in a much fashioned manner. The course gives an insight and in depth knowledge of history of various areas of the world and the socio-economic scenario prevailing during that time period. It includes various genres like epic, drama, tragedy and so on.

One of the attractions for this course is less study pressure. There is nothing much to memorize or practice while studying literature. While the truth lies in the fact that this is one course in which the exams, in its truest sense test the skills and ability of a student. A few strategically placed hours in the library, a few good reference reads and tons of research can get your boat across that sea of questions which demand minimum five page answers each.

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Further, the course is in higher demand due to its increasing scope. There are lot of career options available after graduation in this particular course. Along with Journalism and Digital Copywriter, one can go for social media managing and social engine marketing where the student needs to have strong communication skills and analytical ability. Another option is to work in a Public Relations firm where one needs to write Press releases, Newsletters and find content to be sent to various social media companies and writing web copies and brochures.The scope gets widened if a student learns a foreign language along with an English honours degree, which is quite popular nowadays.

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Hence, the course being highly interesting and knowledgeable attracts more applicants. Pursuing English Honours definitely creates a better person and a better thinker who is more sensitive and critical towards the social economic issues of our society. So English Honours aspirants go on……

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Shivam Malhotra
A social media enthusiast who is in love with this digital world! Wrote the first article for DU Express in May 2016.

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