Event Highlights : Global Bubble Day Parade 2018

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Those In Need and Project Voice+ collaborated to bring ‘Global Bubble Parade’ for the third time in New Delhi this 22nd April, 2018.

The Bubble Parade was based on the theme of Self-Love and Self-Acceptance. ‘Self-love’ is to put yourself and your own happiness first, something that deeply lacks in our current society. We have been moulded to live a disconnected and disempowered life, where the only right way to sustain is the society’s way. We are taught that it is not safe to show our true-selves and therefore we begin to detach from our individuality, sacredness and most importantly, our sexuality and true preferences.

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The aim through this event was to make the participants aware of themselves, the important role their relationship with themselves plays in their relationship with others, and to celebrate our individualities. Through activities and engagement, we encouraged participants to let go of their shame, guilt, and inhibitions.

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The event started with registrations for the events like open mic sessions, forgiveness sessions etc. After everyone got their bubble machines, Asmita-The Theatre Group performed a 30-minute play, addressing how big an issue self-love and acceptance becomes in LGBTQI individuals. The crowd enjoyed the play very much and connected with their stories. A photo booth was also arranged where people clicked pictures and spread the message of self-love by holding posters and speaking their hearts out.

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Global Bubble Parade witnessed a diverse crowd in terms of genders, sexualities, and nationalities. Most of the participants agreed that they had faced scrutiny because of their appearances and preferences. They all stood together in solidarity for a tolerable society and to end ‘definitions’ and ‘labelling’.

The event also saw the launch of #rEVOLution, a campaign by Project Voice+. The objective of this campaign is to public source an inclusive curriculum on “Self-love and Acceptance,” which Siddhi Pal, the Founder of Voice+, thinks is the need of the hour. She said. “ Before we expect the society to accept us, we need to accept and appreciate ourselves. It is important to be comfortable in our own bodies, emotionally and physically, to be truly happy. Adolescence is the time when we experience our bodies changing, and our building our ideas of an “ideal” body. I think it is imperative to expose teenagers to the diversity in bodies, genders and sexualities, and teach them empathy and acceptance. This will be one step towards nipping body shaming and bullying on the basis gender and sexuality at the bud.”

After the event, participants shared their own experiences with everyone and were happy to witness a unique and inclusive event like this.

Abhishek Saini, Co-founder of Those In Need said, “The Bubble Parade has been a global sensation in bringing together passionate individuals who share the belief that happiness is the journey, not destination. This peaceful walk full of soapy bubbles will be a liberating experience for all participants who believe in breaking their own bubble of self-consciousness”

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