Everything Is Wrong About Our Education System

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coe_hp_new Education , Degree , Schools , Tuition , Teachers are an indispensable part of almost everybody’s childhood. Be it any part of the world. Of all the things , education is something which shapes us as a person , define our thoughts our perspectives. Can we please take a moment to ponder over why is such an important aspect of our lives is turning into merely a money minting business for people in India? ¬†The same people who talks about turning India into a developed country are the ones who puts up offers to leak the question papers. Do you even realize how major the problem has become? Cramming up texts is the latest trend. One who memorize¬†the whole text with punctuation is the winner. Since when education is defined as a competition to print the books as they are in the answer sheets?


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It’s a universal fact that in India until you come of age to work and achieve something , you will always be judged on the basis of your marks. This stands true especially for the families. There is always one child quoted as an example to others . Study like him, concentrate like him. Oh , you scored 80%? Must be an average. How much common sense will it take our politicians , our family , our system to realize a person can be a lot more than their marks. 99% doesn’t always mean the kid is a smart person. A smart person and a topper are not synonyms. As long as you excel in some other field of your choice be it sports , music, art , dance or anything , scoring even a 40% is acceptable. No artist is asked about their academic performance .

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The system has to change . Those people in power needs to realize CBSE examiners are unqualified themselves to qualify some other 18-year-old as pass or fail. Board exams aren’t a benchmark to measure how sharp you can be. Boards is a pure game of gamble. Parents need to know that they shouldn’t mock their kids for scoring low or not study. Their duty is to guide us, to encourage us to study , not force us. A person below 15-16 years always cracks up under the pressure of proving themselves better than others . Why can’t they just sit and take time to figure out what attracts them? A lot of people take up professions they don’t want to , rather they work hard for it because society. Because family.


Tamasha was one movie which depicted this aspect so well. A lot of young people were able to connect to it so closely. How they are forced into something they have zero interest in , how they work so hard for something they don’t even want , how monotonous their life becomes , how depression creeps ¬†through their nerves. Keeping everything aside , how you should realize it’s important to work for yourself not your family , not society, not teachers , not marks.


We should understand what happens in India is not education. It’s just a system forcing people to invest their money into making their children robots , not human. The quality of teachers keeps diminishing at the rate of hair fall of an average person , basically every few hours. Hope you realize this is just not the kind of upbringing you want to give your future generation. Do you want them to become what you became?

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Shivam Malhotra
A social media enthusiast who is in love with this digital world! Wrote the first article for DU Express in May 2016.

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