Feeling Isolated In A New City? You’re Not Alone,Follow These Points To Overcome Loneliness

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Reloacting a new city/country is never easy to anyone and it becomes more difficult when you are not the one who makes friends very soon. Relocating gives you a strain even if it is for a constructive change. Many people migrate for studies/jobs every year. While packing bags you have constant thoughts like will you be able to make new friends? Will old buddies be remain the same? How will you adjust in new city? Will you be able to find your favourite cookies there? And the biggest question I am doing right?

“Switching isn’t ¬†the¬†challenge
Anyone given the right aminities
Can packup and leave
Living with isolation is hard”

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Here are the few points that will help you to overcome loneliness in new city:-

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1. Make a regime & avoid having free time

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Make a proper routine of your work. Avoid having free time as in free time you will only think about your old city, old friends which will lead to stress again. So,indulge yourself in doing interesting things rather than thinking about old city, friends and all.

2. Don’t doubt your decision¬†

All of sudden you will start feeling that your decision of relocating isn’t right. You could have find a better job at that place also. There was no need to move here. In the old city also you could have studied. Apart from loneliness,this city isn’t going to give anything. You have to pull strings of these thoughts so that you won’t feel more depressing.

Feeling Isolated In A New City? You're Not Alone,Follow These Points To Overcome Loneliness

3. Breakdowns will happen and you have to accept them

You know that feeling of physical ache in your throat that comes right before the breakdown? Don’t try to swallow it. If you need to, you get right down on that kitchen floor & you cry for as long as you can. Feelings are something that will never leave you. So,there is no point in hiding it. Do that really ugly sob. Cry in the shower. Grip the edge of the counter and stare at yourself in the mirror as the tears stream down your face. It is fine. No one will ever know it happened.Unless you tell it.

4. Date yourself

Go on a coffee,movie date with yourself. Give time to yourself. Pamper yourself. Don’t feel alone when you are there for yourself.

5. Going back home isn’t an option ¬†

You just can’t leave everything & run back to home.Later it will be you only who would be regretting this decision.

Feeling Isolated In A New City? You're Not Alone,Follow These Points To Overcome Loneliness

6. Tell yourself how valour you are

Give yourself courage.Tell yourself you are a true hero as you are standing on your decision of leaving your nest. You no longer have that safe place, and you are faced with the task of having to create it again and again from the ground top. It takes bravery to decide that you are going to uproot everything ,pack your life into tiny boxes. Tell yourself you are strong and believe it.

“Finding that similar peace in a new city requires time & effort , you will need a pool of patience, a willingness to switch gears, the wisdom to recognize that the person you become along the way is an ever evolving part of who you are”

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