Female Student Molested At Ram Lal Anand College By Sweeper,When Will Colleges Wake Up?
Image Source-Zee News

A final year BA English (Hons) student at Delhi University’s Ram Lal Anand College was allegedly molested by a sweeper on campus on Tuesday afternoon.The accused Ranjan has been arrested by the police.

According to the police report,the victim was going to the washroom when the accused followed her.The victim in her complaint mentioned that the accused first held her hand and later tried to pull her towards him.

The accused was arrested in the same afternoon at college campus.He wasn’t wearing any ID card or uniform which could help students identify about him.

This is a serious breach of security as the accused entered the ladies washroom and surely the authorities failed to provide a safer environment to its female students.

The issue has taken a political turn as student leaders have come forward to protest against the college but the main question still remains unanswered-Can the colleges provide a safe environment for female students to come to college and focus on studies instead of living in a continuous fear of such incidents taking place.


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