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Finance & Investment Cell,St Stephens College Presents Financial Summit 2016

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The Finance & Investment Cell, St. Stephen’s College proudly presents and invites you to this year’s edition of Financial Summit 2016, Delhi University‚Äôs most reputed forum for debate and discussion.

The Financial Summit is a two-day simulation event where participants, representing stakeholders (ministers, nations, large corporates) debate and attempt to find solutions to some of the problems plaguing the world of finance today.

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A brief overview of simulations in the event is as follows:

ROOM 1:- CRISIS SIMULATION- International Oil Crisis

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Join the simulation as representatives of OPEC or Non OPEC nations for a heated negotiation on the structure and policies of oil markets. The gathering would be to discuss the repercussions of fluctuations of oil prices in the world market and to deliberate upon formalizing the supply/ prices of oil.

Date: 25th October, 2016

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Register at: https://tinyurl.com/Oil-Crisis-room

ROOM 2:- INVESTMENT FORUM- The Gambit of Investments

This room resolves to expose you to the stress and excitement of an actual boardroom meeting as you get to step into the shoes of the board of directors for a VC firm and through rigorous discussions decide which investment(s) the firm should go ahead with, to ensure maximum profits.

Date: 25th October, 2016

Register at: https://tinyurl.com/I-Forum16

ROOM 3:- DEBATING CHAMBER- Should the RBI be given Full Autonomy?

Calling all debaters and finance fanatics to come join us in a nail biting, conventional style debate on the Motion: Should the RBI be given full autonomy?
Join the Chamber and convince us!

Date: 26th October, 2016

Register at: https://tinyurl.com/Debating-room

ROOM 4:- BANKING STRATEGY ROOM- Reviewing the Chinese Banking Crisis

The simulation, revolving around the Banking Crisis prevalent in China, is going to put you on the edge of your seats as it brings together Financial Regulatory Bodies and the major banks in China in the same room to deliberate over the future course of action to address the crisis.

Choose to represent the Financial Regulatory Bodies, including the IMF, PBOC, World Bank, IIF; or delegate as a Bank, and discuss the effects of the crisis while negotiating and analysing plausible proposals as reformatory measures.

Date: 26th October, 2016

Register at: https://tinyurl.com/bank-room

Time: 2 pm – 6 pm

Venue: St. Stephen’s College

Total prizes worth Rs.10,000 up for grabs!

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For further details contact:

Mannat Singh : (+91)- 9582430843

Sonia Abraham : (+91)- 9811983709

or mail them at: financialsummit16@gmail.com

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