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Five Tips To Study For Your English Honours Exam

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Gone are the happy times of the semester when we used to hop around and eat . The nightmare has already started of the late night study, endless syllabus and fear of dreadful exam results. Exams are just few days far and our preparations have just started now.

Studying for every Honours course is somewhat different in how to read and analyse the material and the textbook and the method to attempt the questions in exam. English Honours here is a totally theoretical course with different approach towards the texts and the way of attempting the questions.

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Here are some point to keep in mind while reading for your semester exams and writing the answers.

1. Take help from your class notes and critical essays

Class notes are very essential because they give you different perspective than the material which is available online. Your opinion should not be based on any biasness and should have an critically analyzed thought. Also, Critical essays digested by the professors and the ones which are given before the worldview critical editions are added cherry to your answers because they enrich your answers and gives them an literary perspective.

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2. Correct grammar and spellings are a must!

Being a English Honours student correct grammar and spelling is a basic thing which is expected con you when you frame your answers. Incorrect use of grammar and spellings will definitely make you loose a bunch of marks in your exams.

3. Focus on what is being asked and what you’re writing

There are always some keywords in the question which form the basis of your answers. These keywords should be defined and analysed properly in the answers. Don’t exaggerate and move far from the point. Also, focus on what is being asked and what you write . Try not be irrelevant to the question asked.

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4. Try to be concise and to the point!

Don’t exaggerate your point and don’t also write what is irrelevant to the question. 3-4 sides of a page for a 10 marks question and 4-5 sides for a 15 marks question are what is required.

5. Organize your time

Divide the 3 hour times for reading the questions first, ¬¨‚Ćframing the answers and the revision of answers. Give each question an appropriate time and don’t over exceed the time given. Revision time is the time when you can check your grammatical and spelling mistakes. Also, make sure your handwriting is neat and your answers are aligned.

All the best for your exams and always keep your spirits up!

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