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Food Blogging On Instagram: Cross That Off Your Bucket List!

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Is food blogging on your bucket list too? Do you drool over food videos on Instagram? Do you know all the places these food bloggers recommend? Then why not try food blogging on Instagram?

Sana Anand, former IPCW student faced the same dilemma. She says “Most of the time by looking at food posts I could guess the name of the place so I started blogging last year. I wasn’t regular but I realized people liked my content. This was my wake up call. However, I do it for my mental peace.”

Food Blogging on Instagram: cross that off your bucket list!
Image Source: @khanawithsana
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If this is your wake up call too and you plan on starting food blogging, here’s how you can cross that off your bucket list:

1. Your ‘Niche’

The first step before posting anything is to plan and strategize. Relax, this is not as difficult as it sounds. Just think about how do you want your account to look like. Subsequently, choose a colour scheme and style for your photos. All you need to make sure of is that you make choices that will allow you to grow.

2. Be a part of the ‘community’

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Now that you a part of the food blogging community, make your presence felt. Follow the top food bloggers to know what people like. Don’t indulge in unhealthy competition. Follow, like and comment on your competitor’s profile. However, this is not the end. Interact with followers who are loyal and active. Also NEVER buy followers.

3. The ‘ME’ factor

Do you know that Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active followers? What will attract them to you? This is when the ‘ME’ factor comes to its use. People like things with uniquely personal elements. This means that you should absolutely not hesitate from experimenting. Moreover, this is how you will discover your ‘ME’ factor.

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Brownie tip: Post relatable but not mainstream content.

Food Blogging on Instagram: cross that off your bucket list!
Image Source: tastemakerconference

4. Take small steps every day

It takes time to build a successful brand. ‘Be patient’ should be on your to-do list every day. Additionally, you need to be regular. This might sound easy but this is where some people start losing the game. You will be developing not only a good habit but maybe even your dream business. So, please for the love of food, don’t give up!

This is easy if you enjoy the process and experiment. You will discover not only new things around the world but also a new you!

5. ‘Promote’ the ‘efforts’

A lot of people shy away from promoting their content. This can limit your reach and audience. You need to change your approach. Think of all those hours you spent thinking and creating that cool content. So when you are promoting it, remember your efforts.

While these are the most basic things to do, you will need to hustle more. This is when Google will become your best friend. You can search for anything and everything. From editing to marketing, it will be your go-to solution.

Food Blogging Today

Pratik Banerjee, who is known for his food blogging as @the_bongfoodie says “Back when I started, food blogging wasn’t a big thing. Now, every other person on Instagram is trying to be a food blogger and it isn’t bad. But consistency and quality is the key. Work and improve your content. Watch cooking videos, try cooking at times. Know your flavours. It’s more than just clicking pictures and posting, there’s a whole different world related to food.”

Food Blogging on Instagram: cross that off your bucket list!
Image Source: @the_bongfoodie

If you are thinking about how you can start food blogging in the pandemic, don’t worry. The Kolkata based blogger has some tips even for that! He suggests “Work with the things you already have at your home. Suppose your mother cooked Paneer curry and you want to post a picture. Place the paneer cubes above the gravy to make them visible, add a dollop of fresh cream, and chopped parsley to add colour. Click a picture the way you like, just make sure that it’s understandable. You can edit it. But don’t overdo it, makes the food look unrealistic. Always remember the fact that people eat with their eyes first.”

If you are still scared, remember there is always going to be competition. Sana, who is known on Instagram as @khanawithsana says “Many people have stepped into blogging domain. But then the ones who are passionate about what they do, they’re going to get through no matter how slow is their growth.”

So what are you waiting for? Go for it!

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