Four Reasons Why You Should Take At Least One Trip With Your College Buddies

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Being young is amazing and so are the experiences related to this age. All of us come to college and a new journey starts for all of us. What is common in all our journeys is that from the very first day, we wish to have a really cool and great bunch of friends… friends that last for life… friends that become a part of the memories that we are going to cherish for the next forty years of life.

If there is one thing that can be considered common about all the college students irrespective of the place or college is the desire to take a trip. No matter what time of the year it is, what place we are at… we all want to take a trip with our college friends. No matter what is the state of our lives is… that one “Bhai kahin chal raha hai kya?” is enough to ignite the spirit of movies like ‘ZNMD’, ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ in our hearts. After all, we all have watched these movies tens of times and virtually taken the trips to Goa and Spain.

There can be a thousand of reasons for you take at least one trip with the college friends. Here are a few of them:

1. Dream come true

Every one of us dreams of taking a trip with the college friends. Every year, some random poster containing information regarding a university tour to Goa catches our eyes and a desire is kindled in our hearts. Most of us just think about taking the trip and few of us actually take it. When we take a trip with our college friends, it is obviously a dream come true. After all, we all have dreamt of being in the hills, earphones plugged in, and watching outside the car window with our favorite songs playing in the ears as if a movie is going on. When you go on a trip, you give yourself the chance of living all this.

2. Your friends understand you

The biggest merit of taking a trip with the college friends is that your friends are your age. They feel everything just the way you do. So, if you feel like parking the car somewhere in the middle of the night and just enjoying a view… there will be no one to say that it’s too late. In fact, your friends will enjoy it with you. While coming back from the trip, if you feel that you haven’t had enough of the trip and want to stay more, there will be people wanting the same and who were just waiting for someone to speak up. There will be no one to remind you of the assignments you need to submit once you get back.

3. Make new bonds

You might be in the final year of the college, but there are very huge chances for you to be friends with people and still not know much about them. When you take a trip with your friends, it’s nothing like meeting them in the college. A trip means sleeping with them, eating with them and being with them for days altogether. You will get to know them like you have never had the chance to. Moreover, we all have people in our groups that we are just familiar with. A trip gives us the chance to know these people. This is when we see their real and the best sides. This is where we make unbreakable bonds with these people.

4. You’ll be back with thousands of memories

This is something that we all know… and no matter what I write, it will not justify the kind of memories that one makes on a trip. College life is the time when you create memories for life. When you go on a trip with the college friends, you come back as rich with memories as a Lannister is with gold. The best part about these memories is that they make you smile every time you think about them. While being on the trip, you do not realise that you are knitting a story… that you are being part of memories. It is when you come back that you realise what beautiful time you have had and what wonderful memories you have created. Moreover, a trip with your college friends is so lovely that whenever you think about the memories created there … all you’re able to do is wish that you go back!

So, thinking about taking a trip? Stop reading this article and call your friends. Take a trip!


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