DU Elections | How Can DU Students Make An Informed Decision With Frainz?

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DU is in grip of election fever – the rules of the game are declared, deadlines are set and the potential candidates are showcasing best of their efforts to win university election 2016. The  election season takes the university by storm every year with various on campus activities. It is important that one must pay close attention to the activities of various students’ party, understand their intentions and potential to make an informed decision to vote. In this regard, technology platforms play a huge role in sharing real time information on various activities related to DU elections. Frainz, a new socializing mobile app can be a perfect platform to stay updated with latest developments on the DU elections. Here is how:

A non-biased platform

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While technology platforms bring in great deal of transparency in terms of sharing information but it is also important to receive information from the ‘Right’ source. However, on many social platforms most of the information shared under a broad campaign name seem to be influenced by a particular set of people. And DUSU Election forums are great example for that.If you are looking for a platform that is not influenced by any particular party, idea or ideology, Frainz is an apt and fair platform that freshers or other students at DU can utilize to connect with each other and discuss their candidates, activities and election campaigns.

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Share your opinion anonymously

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Frainz gives you an opportunity to freely voice your opinion anonymously.Once you have registered successfully, you can pick and choose the existing group to join the conversation or you can create a group of your choice that other people can join. For instance: ‘DU Elections 2016 group’ can become a valuable closed group for DU students to join and discuss important matters on DUSU elections. You can also make a group of your own college to stay updated or share information on election related activities within college premises.

There are already existing groups on Frainz on which one can receive and share real time updates on DUSU election. Various activities performed by groups like ABVP, NSUI and other can be instantly updated on Frainz.

Make your voice heard!

You have an idea or a request and you want to make a particular party to pay attention to it? Frainz can be a perfect means to put across your idea, with or without anonymity. You can create the group(s) to promote your own ideas, connect with other DUSU members with similar views or requests and ensure that your ideas reach the right people!

An apt platform for student parties to connect

Apart from students, the potential candidates can also leverage the strengths of Frainz app to connect with DU students to amplify their popularity and spread the desired message.  Available as free platform to promote one’s election campaigns, the candidates can also lead the group discussions to generate interest of students on platform.

Easy on mobile space, Frainz offers an intuitive user experience. Frainz is available to download on Android platform and can prove to be a powerful personalized tool to connect with fellow DU members and stay abreast with information on DUSU elections.

Watch out this space for more updates on and from Frainz!

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Shivam Malhotra
A social media enthusiast who is in love with this digital world! Wrote the first article for DU Express in May 2016.

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