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Getting A Better College In Next Cutoff? This Is How You Can Change Your College

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All of us want to get into the college/course of our choice but in DU that doesn’t seem to be always possible because of high cut-offs and less seats, due to which many students wash their hands off from other colleges too. But many of us do not realise that DU gives us an option to transfer into a better college in further cut-offs if seats are available. Thus, one can take admission in a college for once and can later transfer their college or change their course in further lists when the cut-offs go down, in a better college or in their preferred course, if seats are available.

This not only helps you to get into a better college or a course of your choice but also secures your seat which you might lose otherwise. For the transfer procedure, the following steps must be followed:

  • Before anything, one should keep a proper check on the cut-offs of their preferred courses and colleges and make sure they meet the eligibility. If yes, then in order to change their college, he/she has to begin the process from the dashboard of their account on the DU’s admission portal.
  • On your dashboard, you have to cancel your admission online and pay the required fees for the admission cancellation/withdrawal fee.
  • After paying the fee, the portal would generate a receipt acknowledging the payment. The student must submit the receipt to the college where he/she was admitted as to get the original certificates back which are to be submitted in the other (preferred) college while taking admission.
  • This receipt would also help the previous college to maintain the records of who took the admission and who withdrew to prevent further conflicts.
  • After obtaining the original certificates, one has to again go to the dashboard and choose the preferred college and course; print the application and submit the documents to the college for admission.
  • In the subsequent admission, one has to pay only the balance amount above the fees that has already been paid in the previous college.
  • Any extra amount already paid would be refunded after the last date of admission to the bank account provided by the student for refund.
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