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How I Got My ‘Dream College’ In The Tenth Cut Off List

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I’m sure a lot of you students are feeling really low because even after scoring 95% you’re not getting the course of your choice or a college which isn’t considered ‘cool’. I feel you guys and trust me I was feeling just the same three years back. I scored 92.5% marks in Commerce with Maths stream and everyone in my family, including me,were really happy but yes the fear of not getting a good college was always there because for DU 92.5% is as good as 70%. I knew that a general category student who wants to study Commerce at 92.5% marks won’t really get a nice college and that’s why I always kept my other options open- I had a great NCHMCT JEE All India Rank, pretty good BBA/BCOM IPU ranks, cleared admission at a few Private good ‘B Schools’ as well but DU was something I really wanted to crack. However, with those marks that wasn’t easy.

The first cut off came and most of my friends who got 95-96% got into good reputed colleges and I took admission in a college which was a part of the so called BOTTOM 5 COLLEGES OF DU. In the Second list I got a slightly better college in South Delhi and I changed college.It’s true that I had a lot of options at that time and a person with 92.5% today has got no options at all but that is because cut offs increase every year,the value of marks is never same-92.5% of 2016 isn’t equal to 92.5% of 2014.

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The future cut offs came and I was getting admission at some place or the other but I decided to stick with the college that I had got because of incomplete information available on the internet. Plus I was really sure that I’ve to study Bcom Honours only so studying Bcom Programme was never an option even though I was getting better colleges in that course.

College started and my first day at college wasn’t a good experience at all. I was sure that I couldn’t study there for the upcoming three years considering the crowd, environment and everything else. I was willing to even leave Delhi University and go to IP University because only 2 cut offs were left and getting a college now was unreal.

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After a week, the 10th cut off list came and luckily Delhi College Of Arts & Commerce opened their admissions after staying closed since 3rd cutoff. I was getting through Bcom Programme and I went ahead with it. I know college > course isn’t a wise decision but sometimes you’ve to do something which isn’t considered ‘smart’ by others because the definition of ‘smartness’ of society doesn’t goes well in every case.

By the way 120 students took admission at DCAC in Bcom Programme in that very list and almost 50-70% students left Bcom Honours and came here so its not like I’m the only one who took this decision.Also,I’m not regretting it at all because studying in DCAC has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

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So guys,moral of the story is that don’t feel bad if you’ve not got a good college in this cut off,if you think you’ve scored well considering the latest trend then eventually you’ll get a nice college.Colleges have these high cut offs because they want to play safe.Over admission is a problem faced by every college and because of DU guidelines,colleges can’t deny admission to a student on the reason of ‘over admission’.

Over admission creates a lot of pressure on existing infrastructural facilities and no one wants to have 150 students in a course where allotted seats are 50 so understand the reason behind these HIGH cut offs.Cut offs do fall; they have to fall if there are no admission seekers.


Go through the cut offs of last two years, make a list of colleges where you’d have got admission (take a margin of 1-2%) and then follow the cut offs of those colleges closely.

Your marks can’t change now. Life is a big battle and this is your first. You can sit in one corner and keep crying but that won’t help. Keep smiling, face the reality and go with the flow. Either DU or No DU, you’ve a long life to live. No doubt studying in DU is a big thing but in the end its all about YOU and not the DU tag.
Hope you all will get a college & course of your choice. Delhi University is India’s number one University and we all want to study with the best minds so let’s believe in the theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest’. If you deserve it, you’ll get it-No matter When & How.
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