Green Society, Jesus and Mary College To Sell 'Suvidha' Oxo-Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins Tomorrow On Campus

When it comes to menstrual health in India, there are several problems that women have to face. One of the most common problems is which sanitary napkins one should use? The sanitary napkins which are low-cost, they end up irritating the skin and cause rashes. While the ones that are actually comfortable for the body, they are not at all comfortable for the wallet.

But apart from these personal issues, there are certain issues that bother us on a social level: the issues that our whole planet is facing. This issue is of how much environmental pollution normal sanitary napkins cause, since the material from which normal sanitary are made is not at all Eco-friendly.

What’s new?

Green Society, Jesus and Mary College are putting up a stall in their college on 1st November 2018 where they are going to sell ‘Suvidha’ oxo-biodegradable sanitary napkins. Launched by the government of India on March 8, 2018 these pads are available in packs of 4, priced at Rs. 2.50 per pad. Hence costing only Rs. 10 per pack!


Why to use ‘Suvidha’ sanitary napkins?¬†

  • Eco-friendly:¬†Being oxo-biodegradable, these sanitary napkins start decomposing just 6 months after their disposal in the landfill. As compared to normal sanitary napkins which take 500 years to start degrading,¬†’Suvidha’ sanitary napkins are a lot more Eco-friendly.
  • Hygienic:¬†‘Suvidha’ sanitary napkins reduce fungal, urinary and reproductive tract infections resulting in an irritation- free and healthy menstrual cycle.
  • Wallet-friendly:¬†Coming at the price of Rs. 10 per pack, these packs containing 4 sanitary napkins each are not any less than a savior for your wallet.

Where to find?

Venue: Jesus and Mary College
Nearest metro station: Durgabai Dekhmukh South Campus (Pink line), Lok Kalyan Marg (Yellow line)
Stall put up by: Green Society, Jesus and Mary College
Date: 1st November 2018
Timings: 10 am onward



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